Alexa Chung thinks black tailored trousers and a white shirt are wardrobe essentials.

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung

The 'Next in Fashion' star believes the two pieces of clothing are staples that everyone should have in their wardrobe as you can take a "360 spin on the rest of it".

She said: "Invest in a pair of black, well-tailored trousers. Then wear them with everything else in your wardrobe: a jumper, a shirt, a T-shirt. I only know this because recently I bought a pair of Bella Freud black tux pants - wide leg, normal height with velvet down the side - and they literally go with everything. I was like, wow, this is amazing! It's finding that one thing and then doing a 360 spin on the rest of it. I also think a white shirt goes a long way. So buy the classics. It's a white shirt, it's a black pant."

And the 36-year-old model and television presenter is really into vintage clothing.

She added: "I live by a Traid [charity shop], and that's really good. If you buy something vintage, you're donating to charity and also giving somebody's discarded thing a second life. A lot of fashion is informed and inspired by vintage anyway. It's a treasure hunt."

Alexa is particularly keen on vintage denim and says 70s denim is the "dream".

She shared to Stylist magazine: "Denim used to be so much better than it is now so I go to a vintage or thrift store. It's an annoying process but one day you will find the perfect pair. Remember with vintage denim, you're four sizes bigger than you think you are; I'm 25 in modern denim but in vintage I'm a 29 or 30 waist. Levi's vintage with an orange tab is always really good; 70s denim is the dream."

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