Barbie has honoured Adwoa Aboah by turning her into a 'Shero' doll to celebrate International Women's Day on Friday (08.03.19).

Adwoa Aboah's Barbie doll

Adwoa Aboah's Barbie doll

The 26-year-old British model has been named alongside 20 other inspirational women, from scientists and chefs to journalists, as one of Mattel's 2019 Barbie 'Shero' dolls.

To mark Barbie's 60th anniversary on International Women's Day, an annual event to celebrate and advocate for women's rights, the dolls have been created in a bid to close the "Dream Gap", which refers to the fact women are less self-assured than men in achieving their dreams or reaching their full potential.

In a statement, Aboah said: "I want to help close the Dream Gap, so that girls don't have to question if they are smart or brave, and have no limits placed on their capabilities by society. I believe by working together we can encourage girls to find their authentic voices and that we can have an impact on the world for the next generation of girls. Through my work with Gurls Talk and partnership with Barbie, I hope we can inspire girls to try to change the world around them, through acts big or small."

Aboah's doll comes with two looks, the first outfit is a sentimental choice because it is a replica of the stunning ensemble she wore to accept her Model of the Year gong at the Fashion Awards in 2017, and includes a Halpern dress, Stephen Jones turban and Christian Louboutin platform sandals.

The second outfit comprises of a Gurls Talk t-shirt - an organisation which the model is the founder of - and leopard print skirt and Aboah insisted that the creation of the doll is incredibly "meaningful" to her.

She added: "I love that Barbie offers so much choice now, but to see my own doll that has my freckled skin, skin colour, shaved head and my tattoos is so meaningful to me."

The full line-up of Barbie's 2019 "Sheroes" is:

- Adwoah Aboah, Activist and model, UK

- Yara Shahidi, Actor, model and activist, US

- Naomi Osaka, Tennis player, US

- Kelsea Ballerini, Singer and songwriter, US

- Kristina Vogel, Cycling champion, Germany

- Dipa Karmakar, Gymanstics champion, India

- Chen Man, Visual artist, China

- Melodie Robinson, Sports journalist and presenter, New Zealand

- Karla Wheelock, Mountaineer, writer and lecturer, Mexico

- Tessa Virtue, Ice skater, Canada

- Lisa Azuelos, Director, France

- Eleni Antoniadou, Nasa scientist, Greece

- Rosanna Marziale, Chef, Italy

- Ita Buttrose, AO, OBE, journalist and editor, Australia

- Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, Actor, talk show host and author, Japan

- Mariana Costa, Entrepreneur and activist, Peru

- Iwona Blecharczyk, Professional truck driver, Poland

- Gulse Birsel, Columnist, screenwriter and actor, Turkey

- Maya Gabeira, Big-wave surger, Brazil

- Lyasan Utiasheva, TV show host and rhythmic gymnastics champion, Russia