Kimberley is favouring comfort over style during her pregnancy

Kimberley is favouring comfort over style during her pregnancy

Kimberley Walsh is struggling to stay fashionable during her pregnancy and will be sticking to one item throughout summer.

The Girls Aloud singer - who is expecting her first child with her long-term partner Justin Scott - will be stocking up on comfortable, loose-fitting maxi dresses this summer in a bid to stay stylish during her third trimester.

She laughed: "At the moment in my pregnant state it's all about the long, stretchy maxi dresses because it's one of the few things that I can fit into! It's not like I'm particularly leading in the fashion stakes, but this summer that's what I'll be wearing."

Kimberley and her former band mates Cheryl Cole, Nicola Roberts, Sarah Harding and Nadine Coyle donned some questionable matching outfits during the early years of their career, but the 32-year-old star doesn't regret any of her sartorial choices.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I think everything you wear is a certain time, a moment and a feeling that you were happy with on that day. There's no point regretting it, it can just give you something to laugh about now which I quite like!

"I think it's all part of growing up, that's how you learn what works and what doesn't. It's just fun, I don't look back and cringe too much."

Kimberley's new duet with Alistair Griffin, 'The Road', will be released on June 30 through Elbow Grease Records. Alistair releases his new album 'From Nowhere' on July 7.

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