Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni

You may have noticed a bit of a fashion battle going on between Carla Bruni and Princess Letizia of Spain recently, with the French First Lady faring considerably worse in the style stakes against her Spainish counterpart.

We all thought that Carla was untouchable when it came to her fashion, as she was arguably one of the most stylish political icons of the last decade.

But no, she was bested by Princess Letizia and arguably Michelle Obama when the pair appeared together earlier this year too, which begs the question- has the political world become little more than a style battle?

When Michelle Obama was in the UK with her hubby for the G20 summit, all anyone could write about was what she was wearing to each occasion, rather than the actual purpose of the summit.

Forget the economic downturn, the recession and global warming, all we wanted to know was what Michelle was wearing to meet the Queen, or how she topped Sarah Brown in the style stakes each day.

She wore Jason Wu and yes she did topple Sarah in every which way, in case you were wondering, but has our obsession with fashion lead to politics becoming meaningless?

Well, to be honest we think it's great that these ladies can liven politics up with their fab couture style, designer labels and circle of gorgeous friends, because otherwise, let's face it, it would be very dull indeed.

Even Sarah Brown is catching on to the fact that being fashionable opens up a whole new host of opportunities, and she too has been spotted making small yet significant style statements recently.

With the expenses row still rumbling on at the moment, personally we think it's great if these ladies can take the focus away from all the politicians with their fab fashion, don't you?!

FemaleFirst- Laura Terry