Feeling beautiful isn't all about being young and glamourous found a new poll, which is further enhanced by the announcement that Helen Mirren is the newest face of L'Oreal Paris.

A survey by leading online fragrance and cosmetics retailer Fragrance Direct asked 1,820 people which celebrity they think is the most beautiful, and it was by no means the fresh-faced 20-somethings who topped the poll.

A natural makeup look is favoured by most

A natural makeup look is favoured by most

Angelina Jolie, 39 and Jennifer Aniston, 45 came up top with 14.1% and 11.1% of the votes, beating younger stars such as Emma Watson and Selena Gomez in the beauty stakes.

A huge 67.5% of those polled said looks are important, while 83.1% told Fragrance Direct that confidence makes a person more attractive.

The age-old 'perfect 10' is obsolete, the findings also suggest, as size 12 was voted the most beautiful size with over a quarter of the votes.

When asked about cosmetics, most women revealed they feel most beautiful with natural-looking makeup, not a glamorous makeup look.

A spokesperson at Fragrance Direct commented on the poll: "Everyone has a preconceived notion of what beauty is but we wanted to know what our customers consider beautiful and what makes them feel at their best. It's great that a natural makeup look makes women feel beautiful - makeup can really enhance what's there for a look that plays up your natural beauty, rather than covering it."

The vast majority of those questioned agreed with the saying that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. When asked how they would define beauty, confidence and a good personality were recurring themes, with responses including: "Confidence and happiness in oneself radiates beauty on the outside" and "A good personality can make an ugly person beautiful and a bad personality makes a beautiful person ugly."

One of the poll's respondents said: "Beauty is what others see, but you cannot see for yourself", while another emphasised the importance of a smile, saying beauty is: "A smile that starts in the eyes."

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