We love this dark slick galaxy eye

We love this dark slick galaxy eye

This smokey, dark eye is the perfect addition to your New Year's Eve outfit, it's sultry and sexy and easy-to-do with these simple steps. 

Amazon.co.uk has worked with makeup artist Brigitta Smart to create a festive, glitz and glamour look… Dark Slick Galaxy Eye.

Jacqui Kane, Beauty Store at Amazon.co.uk Ltd, comments: “The celestial trend has truly taken hold this year and this look puts all the attention on the eyes, meaning the rest of the face can be kept pared-back and natural. The party season screams out for some glitz and glamour and Dark Slick Galaxy Eyes tick the bling box perfectly whilst remaining current.”

To create the look you need to start with a slick black background and add a dab of glitter to channel a dark winter night sky full of stars

Begin with the eyes to avoid any shadow or glitter dropping on your base. Use a black kohl pencil like Bourjois Contour No 71 Ultra Black and softly outline a cat eye shape on each eyelid, making sure both eyes are even. Then fill in the shape with the pencil, holding it almost flat against your skin – don’t worry if it’s not filled in evenly. Take a blender brush and with very light sweeping and circular movements blend well so the pencil lines are more even, then use a flat brush to apply black eyeshadow to the shape. Press and sweep it onto the eye lid to ensure it binds with the creamy kohl pencil base and gives you a good dark base for your glitter

Next, press a flat eyeshadow brush into your glitter pot, try using Barry M Fine Glitter Dust and tap off any excess. Carefully press the glitter onto your eyelid staying inside the crease at all times. Start at your inner eyelid then work across to the outer lid, making sure you leave a black edge all the way around the glitter and stop short of the outer corner. You want to leave it black here to give your eye a strong contour. Apply volumising mascara, before starting on your base. As with every make-up trend, it’s essential to have a flawless base to complement your look

To help keep the glitter in place, right after you apply your black eyeshadow, take a facial spray and spritz a light mist over your eyelids. Keep your eyes closed and wait a few seconds, then apply the glitter as before. It will help it stick better and last the whole night long

Finally, define your brows with a clear brow gel, wait for it to dry and then brush your brow shadow or pencil through them. For lips use a nude pink or buff tone and use a cheek colour in a similar shade. Natio Blusher in Peach Glow is great. Finish off by contouring and bringing out your cheekbones with a matte bronzer.

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