A few years back, we wouldn't have thought a a convenient hair brush would be able to double up as a cutting-edge hair straightener, but Revlon are determined to push the beauty industry past its previous limits with their Salon One-Step Straight and Shine™ XL Heated Brush.

The perfect tool to give you an incredible finish

The perfect tool to give you an incredible finish

As an extension to previous brushes of the same style, this new Revlon addition features a 30% longer surface than those that have come before, meaning fewer passes and rapid results.

Gentle detangling bristles ensure that the hair brush is a pleasant experience when used, rather than a chore, and the tool provides the perfect opportunity to reach right around the back of your head and roots, allowing you to style those usually hard to reach areas.

A curved ribbed exterior helps you guide your hair to create relaxed curls, or waves, depending on the style you're going for, and the option of 10 different heat settings along with smart memory means that complete flexibility is offered for all types of hair.

The heat is evenly distributed along the brush which means minimal damage to the hair; this is without a doubt one of the best products we've been lucky enough to get our hands on.

So long as you remember that your hair should be completely dry before styling with the hair straightening brush, you'll quickly realise that this hair brush is an essential.

All of this and a four year guarantee means your hair will be looking fantastic for the foreseeable future.

The Revlon Salon One-Step Straight and Shine™ XL Heated Brush is out now at a suggested RRP of £69.99.

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