SpaSeekers are helping all women enjoy their spa days

SpaSeekers are helping all women enjoy their spa days

Following a Stateside trend for size-friendly spas, the UK has followed suit to ensure women of all shapes and sizes are catered for, and more importantly feel comfortable getting a day of indulgence.

We should all be able to treat ourselves from time-to-time and given that the average woman in the UK is a size 16, why shouldn’t curvy ladies be catered for too?

To make identifying size-friendly spas easier have launched a Plus Size category to its website to help visitors identify the spas in the UK which provide size-friendly amenities and facilities.

These amenities include larger sized robes, bigger towels, wider treatment couches and a policy to ensure each guest is made to feel comfortable in the spa environment.

The Portal Macdonald Hotel & Spa is just one of these spas that are listed under the plus size category, and with a wide range of facilities to enjoy whether you’re attending for the day or overnight.

Nestled away in the Cheshire countryside the Portal Macdonald Hotel & Spa is a tranquil space that you’ll find it easy to settle into and melt your woes away. With a spacious spa area that’s easy to relax into, with sizeable pool, numerous steam and sauna rooms and an enjoyable ice room that will help bring your body temperature back down. Filled with Elemis products, whichever treatment you decide upon you know is going to luxurious and lavish.

The Portal Macdonald Hotel & Spa are only happy to accommodate to your needs, whether you want to enjoy lunch in their relaxing room or out on the balcony overlooking the golfing greens – a must-do if the weather is dry and sunny.

Around 100 spas have signed up to feature in the new plus size category and as well as offering the amenities listed above, some are also catering for spacious individual changing rooms, larger shower cubicles and wider dining chairs without arm rests.

Launching the new Plus Size spa section, SpaSeekers’ founder, Jason Goldberg says: "This is very much showcasing spas which are size friendly where everyone can feel comfortable.  The size of spa robes has long been a hot topic of conversation with our customers, many complaining that they are too small to provide adequate cover. More recently we have had specific enquiries about the size of treatment couches and changing rooms.  We recognise that it’s not always easy for people to ask our advisors such questions and wanted to make the whole booking experience as simple and stress free as possible. This way all our visitors can find the spa experience that’s right for them.”

If you’re looking for a plus size spa head to to find the perfect option for you, and with over 500 spas nationwide to choose from there’s bound to be something to delight. To find out more about Portal Macdonald Hotel & Spa at Macdonald Hotels visit

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