The collection is filled with must-have pieces

The collection is filled with must-have pieces

German hair and make-up artist Nick Assfalg has launched  an exciting new product range exclusively with Ideal World TV, and we know this is one range you won’t want to miss out on.

As a former makeup artist for the likes of MAC, Lancaster and Estee Lauder, Nick has dedicated his whole life to changing the face of beauty - inside and out. Travelling around the world, he has worked for numerous high fashion and beauty brands, magazines and celebrities including Cher, Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige and Nelly Furtado.

With expert understanding of differing skin types and the many challenges faced by women when applying their make-up daily, he has finally decided to share his secrets with the world.

Nick has developed his own range of make-up and skincare products using his L.OV-E² Complex of pro quality ingredients, an innovative mix of minerals and diamond light reflectors, in a way that makes them easily applicable and simple to use.

With key quality ingredients from Italy, built-in anti-ageing properties, Aloe Vera to help nourish the skin and Vitamin A to protect against negative environmental influences, this is a collection that will benefit the skin as well as help you look your most beautiful self.  

Key products:

Foundation: Unique diamond, light-reflecting pigments are used to help pick up on different colours within the skin to visibly reduce wrinkles and even out pores.   By controlling the oil in your skin it helps to resist smudging, leaving you with fresh, and natural coverage all day.

Nick's Pro Makeup Transparent Powder is silky, colourless and uses diamond light reflecting pigments to help reduce skin shine, visually minimise delicate lines and encourage a soft glow too. Either worn alone or over make-up, it’s suitable for all skin types.

Nick’s ULTRA Mascara is a revolution in eye make-up. Developed specifically to encourage lash growth and the illusion of false lashes, the 2 way wand is designed using built in combs. This encourages the perfect curl with maximum volume and length whilst separating each lash and coating it individually to a strong long-lasting hold.

Products from the Nick Assfalg collection, exclusive to Ideal World TV include:

NA Pro Make-up Concealer 5ml (Available in light and medium)

NA Eyeliner in black

"I Love" Bronzing Powder Endless Summer 11g

"I Love" Cleansing Water of Love Micellar Water

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