Lupita Nyong'o looks beautiful with bright pink lips

Lupita Nyong'o looks beautiful with bright pink lips

Lupita Nyong'o may impress us with her red carpet style game, and it’s not only beautiful gowns and dresses that she chooses, she always perfects her make-up look too.

The actress was recently unveiled as Lancome’s latest ambassador and it’s a perfect fit because she doesn’t stick to the tried and tested looks, she goes out of her comfort zone with bright and bold colours.

She told HELLO! magazine: "My relationship with make-up is similar to my relationship with food: I like to experiment and it depends on what I'm in the mood for.

"Generally, for every day, I opt for light pink and plum glosses. In terms of lipsticks, I like burgundies and earthy tones.

"I also like to play with bright colours - especially for the red carpet."

We love her blue eyes and pink lips from this look

The 31 year old reveals her go-to look to help ensure that you steal the limelight, she explained:

"Lipstick is a great way to bring a whole outfit together or quickly feel dressed up... If I'm feeling bold and don't mind the extra attention. I brighten it up a little more and go with a matt texture."

But despite her love of attention-grabbing shades, Lupita says that her day-to-day look is low maintenance in comparison.

She said: "I'm very low maintenance. On a regular day I wear lip gloss and balm because it's easy to throw on. I'll define my eyebrows and depending on how much time I have, will put on eyeliner and mascara."

And when it comes down to skincare, there's one particular oil that she likes to use to nourish her skin. 

She told Harper’s Bazaar: "Avocado oil is a big thing for me. I discovered it last year, and at first I was using it just on my body, but then I realized it works on my face, and my hair too, for that matter! It's a one-stop shop. Especially in the wintertime, when my skin is drier, it really seeps in and leaves it nice and lush." 

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