Linda Evangelista

Linda Evangelista

Linda Evangelista isn’t like most celebs who claim to have fuss-free beauty routines, the iconic model says she uses 100s of beauty products before red carpet appearances.

The 49-year-old model has confessed that although she opts for a low-key maintenance-free look during the day she isn't afraid to pile on the cosmetics for high-profile events.

She told Into The Gloss: "When I got the Dolce & Gabbana foundations and primer, I actually cut back on a couple of steps. The Sheer Radiance Primer is what I use to moisturize now - it's a really good multi-tasking product. It has SPF 30 and long-term benefits, so it's a no-brainer.

"After the primer, moisturizer, and sunscreen go on, I just put on a couple of drops of the Dolce & Gabbana foundation. I pat it in with my fingers while my skin is still moist, just to even out my skin tone. Then I do a little mascara, a little shadow in the socket with a brush, a little blush, lip gloss, and go.

"But I add about a hundred more products if I'm going somewhere with a red carpet. Everybody likes a little help every once and a while."

And whilst she may work with some of the industry’s top beauty artists, she prefers to do it all herself.

She explained: "I can do my hair and makeup myself. I have this tray with all my makeup on it so I can bring it anywhere the light is good.

"I also like doing my own nails; I find it therapeutic. I push my cuticles back and keep the tips short and clean

"What's not low maintenance is my hair - it's curly and needs to be pressed straight, definitely not wash-and-go.

"I'm all for change, though. All of my different hairstyles over the years were quite spontaneous. An idea would brew, and it would just happen. Haircuts aren't forever; you can get out of it if you feel you made a mistake."

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