21% of Brits won't holiday because of insecure body image...

21% of Brits won't holiday because of insecure body image...

With the holiday season fast approaching and the bad weather set to stay, millions of exctied brits are planning their summer escape...or are they?

According to a new poll by Swiss International Air Lines, something will stop 7 out of 10 Brits from having a holiday this year.

The main excuses given are unsurprisingly money and body image worries, with 24% of people blaming their thinning wallets and 21% blaming their wasteline not being thin enough.

These are not the only barriers from holiday back potential holiday makers. Work stresses at 7%, family troubles at 6% and relationship issues at 4% are also reasons for Brits staying at home this summer rather than getting on a plane, soaking up the sun and seeing some of the world.

Tragically 1% of people polled even admitted their reluctance to take a trip was because they would find it tough not being able to check their Facebook or Twitter pages for the time that they were away.

With 15% of Brits saying they aren’t taking a summer holiday this year, Swiss Airlines has many last minute wallet friendly deals that will help you on your way to booking the perfect retreat. So chill out Brits and make the most of summer – you’ve deserved it.

Though some of us have our reasons for not going away, whether they are personal or professionally motivated - if you're excuse is social networking related, log out and put the smartphone down now!

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