With summer almost upon us, we're thinking beach days, festival weekends, and backyard soirées. We're also thinking about how to get the season's best hassle-free looks. From hair to skin to body care, it's all about easy styling to get you out there and enjoying everything summer has to offer.

First things first: skincare. Are you exposing your delicate skin to the harsh extremes of the sun? How do you avoid sunburn, skin ageing, and wrinkles, yet still enjoy a beautiful, golden tan? A myriad of advice is readily available, but sometimes proves to be more myth than fact based. How many times have you heard, 'The sun in England isn't as strong as it is in Spain' or 'You can't get sunburn on a cool, cloudy day'?

Luckily, Boots have tapped into the best practices from skincare experts to guide you through the maze of to do's and don'ts, ensuring you enjoy the summer while avoiding health worries. Getting the right protection is easy once you have the right ingredients, right method and application 'know how'. Check out Boots' recipe for success so you can stay safe - and fabulous - in the sun.

On finding the right moisturising product: 'Hydration is the key to maintaining a healthy glow', explains Boots Suncare Expert Clare O'Connor. 'The sun dries the top layer of your skin but think of it as a sponge that needs 'topping up' to keep it fully functional and glowing.

To optimise your tan - whether real or not - look for a PH neutral moisturiser as this is the ideal base for a tan. Often the best products are after-suns as they are the ideal PH, water-based and non-oily.'

On locking in moisture: No7 Advisor Samantha Greaves advises that in extending the life of your tan, the key lies in maintenance. 'Stick to cool showers and use a moisturising body wash to really lock-in your colour.' Exfoliate to remove dull, parched surface cells and try Aloe Vera to achieve a natural glow.

On applying like a pro: To create an even, natural looking tan, Jules Heptonstall, Tanning Expert for St.Tropez, suggests you start by choosing the right shade. Matching your individual skin tone with products that offer shade options, from gradual to dark tans.

For a more advanced technique, you can try contouring and defining certain areas of your body. 'Apply one coat of self tan to the entire body and then apply a second coat to inner thighs, under your calves, under your jawline and your outer torso to give the illusion of a more contoured and shaded body.'

Before your next day in the sun, visit Boots for your of skincare, haircare, and bodycare essentials.

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