Bridget Jones actress Renee Zellweger, 45, shocked everyone when she hit the red carpet recently, and despite many women thinking that's she's damaged her looks they would still consider drastic beauty remedies.

Over 45s would resort to drastic measures for anti-ageing

Over 45s would resort to drastic measures for anti-ageing

The vast majority of women in the UK thought that Renee had damaged her looks, but despite this, over half said they would still consider using Botox or other injectables when they reached their 'dreaded age'.

What's more, nearly 30% of women said they would consider having something more permanent like cosmetic surgery. In a survey conducted online beauty retailer most women revealed that they thought they hit their prime at 29 and were over the hill at 45. Editor Emma Leslie said: "It's a common fear for the Bridget Jones generation to fear hitting their mid 40s, and at that point several women said they would take "drastic" measures to turn back the beauty clock.

"Many said they worried about being seen as old, and getting lines and wrinkles but the fact is that if you look after your skin from your late teens with good skincare products then there really is no need to fear turning 45. You only have to look at actresses like Jennifer Aniston to know that you can still fabulous at that age if you take care of your skin."

The survey found that nearly a third of women in the UK said they dreaded the thought of hitting 45, and a further 16% dreaded getting to 40, 14% didn't look forward to being older than 35, and 15% hated hitting 30, a further 9% said they didn't like being older than 25.

All the women were sympathetic to actress Renee Zellweger and understood the pressures on her in the fiercely competitive arena of Hollywood. But the vast majority 93.8% said they thought it appeared that she had used either injectables like botox or fillers, and 86.2% thought she had looked better previously and over a third thought she now looked well over 45-years. Editor Emma Leslie pointed out that women can still look fabulous well into their 60s and 70s if they take care of their skin. She said: "Our survey revealed that women thought that Helen Mirren was looking amazing, and she is 69. They also pointed to the fact that Jennifer Aniston looks at least 10 years younger than her age of 45. "All it takes is to take care of your skin with good skin-care but you need to start young. The worst thing to do is to get to 45 and then feel the need to take drastic measures, which can sometimes really backfire."

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