What have you got stored in your fridge?

What have you got stored in your fridge?

Three million women across the UK, the equivalent of an eighth of the country's female population over the age of 16, are treating their fridge as their ultimate beauty weapon, using it store their fashion and beauty items, according to new research.

Fashionistas are now being dubbed 'Kitchenistas', with 116,00 women across the country also admitting to using their kitchen appliance to store certain clothing items as a way of keeping them in good condition.

Jumpers, make-up, foot creams, hair treatments and even underwear are being kept chilled in the fridge to keep them in the best possible cndition for longer.

From lingerie to insoles, nail varnishes to eye masks, cashmere to Creme de la Mer, when about the more unusl utems kept in the frige, to the top five beauty items were revealed:

  1. Nail varnish
  2. Eye mask
  3. Face mask
  4. Make-up
  5. After sun

Beauty expert Emma Hill, comments on the findings: "With an increasing number of women spending more on fashion and beauty, it makes sense that we are seeing a significant percentage of the female population trading their bathroom beauty cabinet for the refrigerator.

"It is a trade secret in beauty circles that keeping certain products essentials chilled not only enhances the feel-good factor but keeps the products fresh and more effective for longer."

The use of potentially dangerous chemicals in high-street beauty products have led some women to opt for natural alternatives to high street products, with a growing number even making their own. But with these kind of products needing refrigeration, fridge space is becoming tight.

Yossi Erdman, head of brand at online electrical retailer ao.com comments: "One of the biggest reasons for many people needing more room in their fridge is the rise in popularity of natural beauty products.

"The only downside to natural and homemade cosmetics is that to be kept fresh, they must be refrigerated. This is creating a space issue in our nation's fridges, especially as many fridges now contain as many bottles of nail polish as they do wine and beer."

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