Handy hints for a healthy winter skin routine

Handy hints for a healthy winter skin routine

Wearing make up in the winter months can prove to be just as bad for your skin as it can be in the summer.

The cold can be one of the worst things for causing dry or cracked skin so it's important to have the right routine to keep skin moisturised and healthy.

Having the right products and knowing how to apply them can make all the difference, still keeping your face fresh enough to wear your favourite foundations and blushers.

Take a look at this little video to show you some handy hints for applying bases and highlighters that are good for the skin as well as offering a easy, natural looking complexion.

If you have any tips that help you get through the wintery weather with a flawless face, why not let us know what you use by commenting below.

FemaleFirst Jenna Fordie     twitter: @Jenna_FAM

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