The secret to simple, sexy hair...

The secret to simple, sexy hair...

We've all had days when we cannot be bothered with our hair, so wouldn't it be great if there were a few tricks of the trade to help with a sexy, sophisticated do with minimal effort?

Though sleek, straight hair can be sexy, it can also take time and effort if that's not your natural look, so run-your-fingers-through-it volume is the best way to go for effortlessly sexy hair.

Not only does it suit so many fashions and makeup trends, but whether your working with wet or dry hair you can achieve a sexy look within 5-10 minutes.

When washing your hair it's all about the products that you use to give your hair a helping hand. Choose a good volumising shampoo and add a volumising moose when your blow drying. Whilst drying the hair, scrunch your fingers into the hair for added body. When completed, either add a little backcombing from the crown to the root, smooth a little and add some hairspray to secure the height in place.

Either leave the hair down or style however you like. We recommend a mid-height ponytail with a quiff for height or a half-up, half-down look for quick and sexy glam.

A good hair cut can be the key to low-maintenance hair. Next time you're at the salon, get plenty of layers cut into your locks at different heights on the head/hair, depending on the length of your hair. If you have a short bob (Dianna Agron or Pixie Lott) then it will be easy to scrunch in some styling putty or spray and ruffle for a sexy shaggy bob. If you're hair is longer (Lauren Conrad) then simply give your hair a flip over the front a quick brush, flexible hairspray and put into place with your fingers. Remember: Less can be more.

**A quick hint: The messy/straight out of bed hair look can work in your favour. If giving it a quick comb through and spray isn't an option, a messy twisted bun (Whitney Port) or ponytail is trendy. Be confident to pull off messy hair and you can make it as sexy as a professionally styled do.

If you're feeling a little down come the winter weather then why not go for a change in hair colour? A rich brunette shade has proved to be the most sexy in some recent polls, so why not go all out and try rocking chocolate brown? It sounds so simple but can inject confidence and appeal in a dated look. Go for it!

A glossy mane is always a head turner and with good reason. There is something about shiny hair that makes it sexy and you can do achieve this look with minimal effort. When jumping in the shower, rather than jumping straight into shampooing, take the time to buy a good deep conditioning treatment. Massage this in first, wash out and then shampoo. Not only will this nourish the root but it will allow the shampoo to penetrate the hair better leave a cleaner look and less residue on the hair. Finish off with a normal conditioner midway up the length of the hair and massage in well.

Though you don't have to deep condition everytime you wash, always condition your ends and keep you hair hydrated. It will appear feather-weight and be easier to manage too.

**A quick hint: Rub a little argan oil into your hands and lightly coat the hair. This will add that extra shine to a night-out do without having to spend hours in front of the mirror.

Finally - sexy hair can be fun. Now that we have some hints on how to have healthy hair and generalities out of the way, why not let your hair down so to speak.

Indulge you and your partner in a little fantasy. Instead of tying up your hair with a clip or band, why not try a pencil or chopstick - very secretary-esque. Imagine slipping it out and just letting your hair cascasde down your back. Seeing his face will make it all worth it!

Happy experimenting!...

FemaleFirst Jenna Fordie twitter: @Jenna_FAM

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