Argan Oil: Beauty's best kept secret...

Argan Oil: Beauty's best kept secret...

If you're looking for an all round beauty tip that can help you with anything from defying those wrinkles and fine lines, to acne and blemishes or simply after prolonging that summer sun glow, then the miracle that is argan oil is a good place to start.

Although it seems too good to be true, argan oil is a product that can tackle many of our physical imperfections. As one of the word's best natural moisturisers, we cannot recommend it enough for you to hunt the highstreet for a product that works best for your skin type.

If you're a more mature woman interested in ways to keep the crows feet at bay, then argan oil is a winner here too. It is not just confined to your face either. Argan oil is great for easing the appearance of stretch marks and scars you may have picked up along the path of life.

Though you may be familiar with the impressive list of benefits for our skin, did you know that argan oil is also very good for our hair and nails too? Not only does it keep them both strong, but it is especially good for keep hair healthy and protected against the numourous heat intensive rituals we put it through.

Particularly if you suffer from frizzy hair, we cannot recommend enough you take a note of these little beauties.

Whether your hair has lost its summer shine or simply had a bit of a holiday hammering, this little bottle will be your knight in shining armour.

Michael diCesare Gold Argan Oil may seem a little expensive for £22.75, but you don't need a lot for it to work its magic. Not only does it help put the shine and softness back into your hair but it can even help to tame the thickest and frizziest of dos that may leave you wanting to tear your hair out! Available from QVC.

This Michael diCesare shampoo also available from QVC is great for keeping hair looking glossy all the time. It too is £22.75, but using this only once a week will help to keep that shine building and leave hair managable and look well-maintained.

It also will keep hair strong, an added bonus if you have a heavily heat based hair ritual.

If your hair is in need of some quick TLC then this argan oil hair treatment from Superdrug is a winner. For only £6.49, you can hydrate your hair and keep it soft and shiny with minimal fuss or effort.

If you're a little unsure about using argan oil, in oil form then it could not be simpler. Just wash and condition your hair as usual and rub a few drops of the oil into your palms. Glide through the wet hair to see some great results.

If you're after some instant shine then rubbing a little onto already styled hair will bring it to life - perfect for any parties or special occassions you're wanting to glam up for!

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