Quick tips for Office to Party hair...

Quick tips for Office to Party hair...

Ladies are always on the look out for quick and simple ways to achieve stylish looks. For a lot of us, hair can be the real test, expecially if your running late from work for a night out.

Here we have a couple of handy hints and a helpful video from hairstylist Denise McAdams about how you can achieve quick and simple party hair with minimal effort and fuss.

More often than not, a hairstyle is all in the planning. If you carry around some hairstyling essentials, you'll feel more confident and prepared to do your hair, this will eliminate the flustering.

In you day bag carry around a brush (good at backcombing), hairspray, clips, bands and a donut as this will instantly provide you with options for your quick party look without having to worry about not having anything to use.

Most of us tend to either have loose hair or a simple ponytail for work. That look can also work for evenings (when glamming up your makeup), but for some, it's all about the hair.

Quick tips:

Backcombing is such a quick and simple way to add volume to your hair. Give it a brush through after your done so and plump up. You can either add hairspray and leave down or got for a ponytail or half-up-half-down look with the all important height.

Plaits are great for adding detail to looks. You can bring them to the side, round the top of the head or a little plait through the fringe. Secure with a sparkling clip or flower accessory or have it leading into a ponytail/donut bun at the back or side.

Donuts are invaluable for creating a classic bun look. They can be positioned almost anywhere on the head and depending on whether it's the office or a bar, you can make them as sleek or messy as you like. Just make sure you have a couple of bands and clips handy to secure in place.

Take a little look at these videos on how you can give yourself a spa style hair wash and look after those lush locks before achieving the perfect, speedy work to party look with little effort. All you need to finish it off is a lashing of mascara and a gorgeous plum lipgloss.

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