Alexa Chung regularly wears a sixties flick

Alexa Chung regularly wears a sixties flick

The sixties have forever influenced our style and beauty choices, whether it’s the mini skirt or the bouffant we’ve all tried the look at least once, today we’re looking to the sixties makeup look for inspiration for our Christmas parties.

Not only will this look forever be in style, this season in particular it’s back on trend after being featured on the runways at the likes of Anna Sui and Moschino Cheap and Chic.

The 60s statement eye will take a little bit of practise and a steady hand, but once you have it perfected it looks incredible.

Anna Sui AW13 sent her models down the runway with an intense, thick, dark flick and the trick to perfecting this is to draw tiny dots along the eye line and join them up – Clarins’ clever 3-Dot Liner will help you get this beauty look right in no time.

Alexa Chung is famed for her eyeliner beauty look – even having created a brand new set for eye brand Eyeko this year. She says:  "Liquid liner is my saviour. Other people like other things to feel like they look normal, but for me, I'm pretty much naked without my eyeliner on. It's my comfort blanket".

If thick eyeliner is not your style then try the 60s look that was on offer at Maxime Simoens, false eyelashes used on both the top and bottom lash line, the water line rimmed with white and a dusting of white near the tear duct to really open it all up. Incredibly doll-like and incredibly pretty.

Which end of the 60s scale will you be choosing?

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