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Photo credit: Unsplash

Photo credit: Unsplash

Jewelry is one of the easiest ways to spice up an outfit, you can really take  a basic outfit and choose the direction you want to take it into. You could opt for gold jewelry for a chic and sophisticated look or go for bright and colourful jewelry for a fun look. The choice is yours and it is a creative way of upgrading your outfit without having to spend lots of cash. Whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist there is a jewelry trend just for you to add to your jewelry collection. Here are 6 of the most popular and inspiring jewelry trends preparing to launch this fall which are hot off the runways and can be straight into your collection.  


No I’m not talking about the Sia song, I’m talking about the long drop earrings which go perfect with an evening look. Etro showcased a pair of silver, sparkly statement earrings on their runway which had all eyes drawn, as they matched the earrings with a plain brown outfit. If you fancy being the life of the party then you should opt for a pair of chandelier earrings. They have a way of drawing the eye and giving life to a basic outfit, for example you could pair gold, sparkly, chandelier  earrings with a little black dress to really steal the show. 


You may remember chokers from the 90’s or more recently from the 2010’s as thin, plastic and dainty accessories that could be worn with practically anything however did not alway hit the mark. It is time to ditch the old idea of what a choker is and focus on the modern approach of a thick choker, this can be brightly coloured or the classic gold or silver. 

One Earring

This may seem like a strange concept to wrap your head around as whenever we have one earring in it is usually because we have lost the other or have been so busy that we have forgotten to put it in. Well do not fear because it will not look as if you have lost one, try choosing a statement earring to put in one side for a super chic look you can even mix and match a pair of earrings and have an odd pair if you do not feel that one earring would be comfortable for you. 

Long Chain 

Why not add an extra dose of drama to your outfit with a large and long chain necklace? It can be an easy way of turning a once dull outfit into a statement. Try opting for necklaces which have a bold pendant on it such as different colours or different shapes as this will increase the creativity of your outfit and have you looking like you have stepped straight off the catwalk. I would recommend opting for a gold, long chain with a coloured pendant such as a blue or purple as this would be easy to style with a monochrome outfit. 

Textured Material

It is easy to go for perfectly rounded and smoothed off metal earrings, necklaces and bracelets however it is time to add some texture to outfits. Trade in the smooth gold hoops for crushed metal hoops to add another dimension to your outfit, you can add a matching necklace to bring on the drama. If a statement look is not your thing and you would prefer more of a dainty and delicate look try opting for smaller forms of texture such as bubbled metal or crushed metal to keep on trend without being overpowering.

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Statement Earrings

After a long time being stuck in pyjamas and loungewear and not having the opportunity to get dressed up in that sparkly dress or step into the heels at the back of your wardrobe. It is time to be over the top and what better way to do that than with a pair of bold, bright and big statement earrings. I would recommend opting for a large pair, with pink, blue or red incorporated for the most dramatic look. If colour is not your thing, then try to opt for pearls or stones that are oversized.  There is no excuse for going small this season. The bigger the better and the bolder the better.