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Coconut oil!

Coconut oil!

There are many different types of curly hair ranging from loose waves, to tight coils. By identifying your unique curl pattern, you can make your life easier when it comes to managing your hair. As a basic guide, there are 3 particular types of curly hair, not to mention the various sub styles of each type.

Type 2: Light to intense waves that take on a soft ‘s’ shape. Type 2 hair tends to reflect more shine than it’s curly counterparts. Top tip - No messing. The more you tousle, the more prone you are to frizz, so leave those tresses alone.

Type 3: Light to tight curls that are well defined and springy. This full bodied type of hair is damage prone and influenced by the climate.  Top tip - Find the balance between the amount of product you use. Too much product can weigh your curls down and make them greasy, too little and your hair can turn into a ball of frizz.

Type 4: Densely packed curls that range from fine and thin, to wiry and coarse. Usually holding a zigzag pattern, type 4 hair is more prone to breakage than other textures as it is dry by nature. Top tip - Always wash with a hydrating conditioner and avoid products that are packed full of mineral oils or waxes.

Whatever your curly hair type, there is always a special place in hell for frizz and unfortunately curly hair is more prone to frizz by nature.

So what exactly causes frizz?

When the strands of hair become damaged or overly dry, the cuticle of the hair lifts allowing moisture to pass through and swell the strand..the result? You’re left with a frizzy ‘fro. No need to despair though...give these handy tips a try.

Wash your hair less often

Washing your hair too much can cause the natural oils on your scalp to be stripped, meaning the ends of your tresses aren’t seeing much conditioning action. Try to limit the amount of washes per week. Any excuse to put off the chore of drying it too!

And when you do wash your hair, use sulfate free shampoos

Sulfates are notorious for drying out your hair. Sulfate shampoos dry out your strands which then soak up humidity and moisture causing excessive frizz. Opt for a sulphate free, glycerin-packed shampoos to combat this.

Whatever you do, don’t wrap, or rub your hair in a towel

Rubbing your hair with a towel causes lots of unnecessary friction which in turn can damage your curly locks. We recommend giving wet hair a gentle squeeze and letting it air dry!

If you really must use a hairdryer...use a diffuser

Diffusers are brilliant at keeping frizz at bay and insuring curly locks stay sleek. If you’re not familiar with how diffusers work, it’s quite simple but seriously effective. Basically, the diffuser mutes the forcefulness of air from your hairdryer which means that curly hair won’t move around as much whilst it’s being dried which in turn limits damage caused by the flow of air.

Use smoothing hair oil or curl cream regularly

Apply a small amount of smoothing cream to your palm and allow it to melt with the warmth of your skin. Work the product together and apply to the driest areas of your hair, we recommend using it sparingly on the roots and more liberally on the ends of the hair. Be aware of products containing silicone and sulfates though as silicones can only be washed out with sulfates, which as we mentioned, are extremely drying on the hair.

Use an appropriate detangling brush

Curly hair doesn’t take well to dry brushing as this can lead to breakage and even more frizz. When your hair is wet, using a wide tooth comb, a wet brush or even your fingers to gently detangle your curls.

Coconut oil is your saviour

Who wouldn’t want their hair to smell of the deliciously sweet scent of coconut? Well, coconut oil doesn’t only smell amazing, but it is also helps keep frizz at bay, stimulates hair growth and adds masses of shine to your tresses. To use it, simply warm the formula in your hands and massage into your hair before rinsing with a sulphate free shampoo.

It’s a no brainer - avoid heat styling

As much as you might be tempted, no hair straighteners. Or if you really can’t resist, save styling your curly hair with them for a special occasion.

Swap out shampoo for a conditioner-only wash

Once a week, ditch the shampoo and apply only conditioner to your hair, good quality conditioners contain only a small amount of surfactants, the properties in shampoo that cleanse your hair, so you’ll still get clean hair - just without the dryness and extra moisture!

The bristle brush hack

Once you’ve washed your curly hair and it is 90% dry, apply a dry oil from the mid shaft, to the ends and brush through with a coarse mixed bristle brush. The mix of plastic and natural bristles work together to add tension to each strand and seal the cuticle straighter.

What are your best tips for taming unruly curly hair?

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