Over the last couple of years we have seen a significant rise in the popularity of face masks, especially with the millennial generation. There are 10 key reasons for this.

You can multi task while wearing one!

You can multi task while wearing one!

Firstly face masks can deliver immediate results and millennials love that!

Secondly with the increase in innovative formats face masks can be used whilst sleeping, such as the Yes To sleep masks, or in just 5 minutes such as the Yes To mud masks if you are short on time. So it is very easy to fit face masks into your lifestyle.

Thirdly there are differing masks for differing skin needs depending on how your skin is feeling that day. If you need to hydrate your skin there is a mask for that. If you need to detoxify your skin there is a mask for that.

You can use masks to tailor your skin care regime.

Next up is the targeted skin care trend. You can use masks that target eye, lip or nose areas ensuring that you get an instant boost just where you need it!

In addition we have seen an increase in the personalization face mask trend. Google trends shows an exponential increase since 2004. We want to customize our skin care regime and make it unique to us. Yes To has launched our Yes To DIY masks which allow you to choose a mask for your skin type and then customize it using ingredients from your fridge! Such as yogurt for a probiotic boost.

Face masks can be as extravagant as needed. Think gold leaf sheet masks! or can be as affordable as needed. Yes to paper masks start at just £2.99.

We love face masks because you can multitask whilst pampering! We ran a campaign asking our customers what they say Yes To whilst they mask. Whether it's tidying the house or exercising don't limit your imagination! In our crazy and hectic lifestyles we don't take enough time to look after ourselves so it's important to make that time and do just that!  face masks give us the opportunity to make ourselves feel good and take time out just for us. Never underestimate the power of that!

Creating the "Spathroom" at home is a great benefit of face masks. It gives you the chance to have that spa feeling at home and be a little zen!

Lastly face masks are fun! You can use them on your own, with your bae or with your girlfriends. They are very instagramable! As we have seen with the celebrities posting pictures on social media. Whether it's Adele before a performance or Jessica Alba before an award ceremony. 

Yes to is the number 1 face mask brand in America and we are storming into the U.K. we keep asking what you want in your face masks so that we can keep creating on trend, innovative, award winning range. Always natural and always cruelty free! 

Written by Victoria Young, General Manager of Europe at Yes To