Underwear shouldn't be uncomfortable, yet many women put up with bras that dig in, panties that ride up and shapewear that hinders breathing. But there is really no need when you can invest in undetectable underwear- pieces that cater for both comfort and discretion.  Here's ten reasons why they are better than what's in your underwear drawer right now. 

Spanx Soft Pillow Cup Bra

Spanx Soft Pillow Cup Bra

Flatter your figure! Seamless underwear doesn’t dig in, so you can wave goodbye to those lumps and bumps.

By creating a smooth silhouette, seamless underwear helps clothes to hang smoothly.

Never have a VPL again - there’s different styles of underwear and shapewear that can prevent this unfortunate line. We’d recommend the SPANX Undie-tectable Briefs which you can get from Selfridges and Debenhams for £24

Undetectable knickers will probably be the most comfortable pair you own, thanks to the seamless finish they usually sit a little higher on your stomach for extra comfort.

There’s not just one style of undetectable underwear. Try briefs, thongs and shorts to give you a solution for any outfit.

Undetectable underwear doesn’t need to be ugly. Many now come in beautiful patterns and even lace to make your seamless pieces a little sexier. 

Never worry about whether your knickers match your bra again – with black being a common colour for seamless briefs across all brands, you can’t go wrong.

If you’re dress shopping, whether it’s for your wedding day or just a night out with friends, take seamless, undetectable underwear. It’ll ensure you can see the outfit and not focus on that pesky VPL!

They’re the go-to pants to wear when working out – you’ll no longer be uncomfortable when bending in those awkward yoga positions.

Ultimately, picking the right pants instantly make you feel more confident, especially when they give you a smooth silhouette.

Spanx Stockist: House of Fraser 

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