Minimalism has many benefits for many people but one thing it can do is empower you to lose weight if this is a personal goal. Here’s why…

Minimalism on Female First

Minimalism on Female First

Minimalism is about being intentional with your time: Minimalism for many is about clearing the way to invite in more worthwhile pursuits. If you follow the lifestyle you may be inclined to ask yourself- is eating to excess a good use of my time? Probably not. There are so many other things you could be doing that will bring you more happiness and satisfaction than food ever could.

Minimalism is only buying what you really need: Minimalism aims to reduce the impulse purchases at the supermarket on things that are probably not good for your health anyway- the crisps and the chocolate for example. With this in mind- you could go into the store with a list and leave with what is on that list- no more. This is a good habit to adopt if you want to stop those unhealthy foods finding their way into your trolley.

Meals are about experiences rather than the food: Generally, if you adopt a minimalist lifestyle- meals out are more about the people you are with and the conversation you are having not the food you are eating. If food plays a lesser role in the experience- you might be more inclined to make better choices when faced with the menu.

Minimalism can mean less exposure to advertisements for food: If you are looking to minimise all areas of your life, blocking out advertisements is a good place to start as this can reduce the temptation of new and unhealthy products that are being promoted every day- especially if you know that this is a weakness of yours.

Minimalism often extends to minimal spending too: If you are looking to reduce your spending in all areas of your life- your food bill could be an easy target, especially if you order take out often. By omitting things like this from your routine- you will not only save money, but your waistline will thank you too.

Minimalism can be about simplifying your diet: If you are simplifying every aspect of your world- there’s no reason to leave out your diet. By stripping back your diet to whole foods- you will naturally be omitting those that are worst for you- i.e. processed foods. This positive switch could result in weight loss.

A minimalist kitchen: If you want to keep tight control over the things that line the cupboards of your kitchen- you will need to evaluate what you already have before making a shopping list. This will not only reduce your spending, but you are more likely to use the healthy things in your freezer and cupboards that you’ve been avoiding in favour of processed, convenience foods. Frozen fruits, vegetables and canned beans are common culprits- but eating these rather than buying in more could be your path to a whole new way of living.

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