We are heading towards one of the biggest days of the year- but don’t worry- there is still time to get a few declutters in before it arrives. Here are some things to focus on this month:

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Old Halloween stuff: If you still have paper plates, napkins, serving dishes and decorations from last year that you won’t be using a second year-round- make way for a more minimalist Halloween.

Hair: This could be something as small as removing all the hair from your brushes if you have a habit of leaving it in there until you can’t see the brush head anymore to something more extravagant like booking in for a wax, a shave or a haircut. We all have more hair in our lives than we think we do- pay attention to it.

Disposable coffee cups: You may not have any of these in your home- but vow never to declutter one again by buying a reusable cup and sticking with that or drinking more coffee at home. If you don’t drink coffee- take a reusable water bottle with you instead and declutter all plastic bottles from your life.

Relationships that aren’t serving you: Take a long hard look at the people in your life and ask yourself if your relationship is mutual. Do they use you only when they want something? Do they take you for granted? Do they treat you badly? If so- it might be time to distance yourself from this person and declutter the negativity from your life.

Bags: Handbags, shopping bags, toiletry bags, suitcases- we all have more than we need- be brutal and ask yourself which ones you actually use, which ones never see the light of day and donate the ones that you never reach for.

Old costumes: If you have a stash of old Halloween costumes or fancy dress party costumes- it’s time to let go. If you get invited to another- chances are you will want to go as something different this time anyway.

Tatty underwear: There are times when more practical underwear is a necessity- but this doesn’t mean it has to be dropping to bits. Discard anything that is discoloured, torn or holy and only keep the pieces that support you, make you feel comfortable and that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to show other people.

Credit card debt: Ok, I know that you probably won’t be able to wipe off your entire credit card in one sitting, but if you only ever pay the minimum amount due- it’s time to put a plan in place to reduce the total amount even more. Ask for help if you know someone who is good with money or if you’d rather do it alone look at how much you can realistically reduce it by each pay day and transfer it over as soon as the money hits your account.

Digital clutter: Have a look on your desktop- do you have things you no longer use on there? Could like pieces be put into one file? Do your photos need a fresh pair of eyes? Is your inbox full to the brim? Go through anything that is clogging up your digital space with a fine-tooth comb and pare it down.

Greasy food: We could all do with eating less of this fat, oily laden stuff- so why not vow this month to stay away from greasy food altogether and see how you feel at the start of November?

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