If you’re a minimalist and the thought of stuffing your home with Halloween related trinkets and decorations fills you with dread, here are a few suggestions to make some memories rather than buying stuff.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Go on a ghost hunt: Check out your local ghost hunts and tours online, wrap up warm and go and find out what frightful goings on happened in your immediate area. You may want to move house afterwards!

Go for coffee and a cake with a someone special: Coffee shops love to shape their cookies into witches and serve pumpkin spiced everything at this time of year so you won’t be short of places you can enjoy a drink, a snack and some good chat with a friend or family member.

Go pumpkin picking: If you like to keep the décor minimal at Halloween with just a pumpkin- you could go and choose your own for carving. Take it home, throw on some music and get creative. Or you could go with a friend who has kids and help them to find the juiciest looking one!

Watch a scary movie: You could stream your favourite scary movie and watch it with your partner, kids, family or friends. All you need is popcorn and drinks to complete the experience.

Watch a scary movie at the cinema: If you’d rather go out for the night- there will be several spooky movies you can choose from that will scare you senseless. Take someone with you who shares your passion for panicking.

Go to a Halloween party: If you don’t fancy hosting a party at home and especially, the cleaning up afterwards- see who else is hosting an event and go along to that instead.

Go on a Halloween experience: Theme parks tend to crank up the action when it’s this time of year so see what’s on offer at your local attraction. Big cities often host carnivals with Halloween themed parades to enjoy after hours. There’s always the dungeons in locations such as York, London and Blackpool or if you’d rather be chased around some local farmland in an interactive horror experience- Farmageddon could be just the thing for you.

Happy Halloween to all the minimalists out there old and new!

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