Now we are well into Spring, you may have already started your cleaning and decluttering, however you may not have tackled all areas of your home just yet. Here are some items you may have missed in your quest for less…

Minimalism on Female First

Minimalism on Female First

Alcohol: Did you know that some alcohol can go off? Your wine and spirits will be fine, however check your beers, ciders and lagers as these have expiry dates on them and may be well out of date. Make sure you recycle the bottles and cans after you’ve emptied them! 

Garden equipment: Maybe you have a planter that you’ve never put bulbs in, perhaps you have a lawn mower and you no longer have grass, maybe you have lots of gardening tools, yet you never want to or indeed do any gardening. If this sounds familiar, set these things aside to sell or give away. 

Decorating items: You may have multiples of things you hardly ever use like brushes or paint. In which case, can you give them away to someone who will use them? Or sell them as a job lot on eBay or Facebook Marketplace to save them taking up space in your own home or getting wasted? 

Hats: No one really needs more than one hat for the hot and one hat for the cold weather. You’ve just experienced winter, which hats did you wear and which did you avoid? This will give you an indication of what you could purge from your accessory collection. Similarly, which hats are you looking forward to wearing this summer? If there are any that don’t spark joy, they need to go. 

Car stuff: Do you have one too many scrapers? Or an unnecessary amount of blankets in your boot? Perhaps you have way more spare bulbs than you could ever use- if this is you, why not reduce this to a more manageable quantity and share the love by giving some of it away?

Instruments: If you once fancied yourself as a pianist but never play on your piano, or maybe you played the violin at school but never carried it through into your adult life, it might be wise to pass these onto to someone who could get some use out of the item. Instruments are there to be played and enjoyed, and if not by you, someone else might just use them for their rightful purpose. 

Couples items: There are some items in the home that can’t be labelled as ‘mine’ or ‘yours’ but ‘ours’. Not all of these will hold sentimental value for you both so it may be time to reevaluate. Did you buy something as a souvenir on holiday and have never really taken a shine to it once you got it home? Perhaps you got something for your wedding day as a gift that has never floated your boat- if this is how you really feel, there is no reason to keep it in your space when someone else might look at it in a totally different light.

So there we have it- seven things you can get rid of in the month of April!  

Happy decluttering!

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