So as the summer starts, we start to think about how we might shed some layers or how we might become lighter in ourselves so I always find that I'm eating salads and lighter lunches and dinners.

In the same way we start to think about how we can achieve this in our homes, although spring is about decluttering and spring cleaning - in the summer you want your homes to be lighter, too.

So here are my top tips for decorating your home for the summer:

Entertaining – Now that restrictions are lifting are you going to be entertaining? Think about how you entertain, understanding how that might work in your home space. Being in the UK, you'd hope for brighter and drier weather. But it's unpredictable. So, will you be sitting outside where you need shelter against the elements, or are you sitting indoors.

Then, you can start thinking about your tablescape decorations. What I find works really really nicely, is having a lovely vase, full of eucalyptus leaves and then perhaps getting roses in a bright coral or yellow, the colour usually depends on your space and colours that you already have, it always looks lovely without looking like you've gone to too much trouble. It's a minimalistic centre piece for your table. That doesn't take too much, or doesn't need too much fuss about it, but it looks just as gorgeous

Window Dressing – As the brighter months have taken over the light coming into our homes is beautiful. But it also brings the question – how much is too much light? Do we need to block it out those early mornings when we still need some sleep – Block out light with heavy black curtains in a strong bold colour, or could you enhance your windows by adding blinds or better yet – have no curtains or blinds at all and let the daylight stream in when the sun rises. If you aren’t brave enough for that then consider sheer voiles perhaps in a taupe colour to add some cover but still let in enough light for you.

Of course, you might also consider recessed retractable blackout blinds because in the summer months, the heat and the light come in from very early and is present until very late. Because they are recessed they don’t actually impact the look of your space and only provide protection when you need it.

Colourful soft items - Another minimalistic idea for the summer months is cushions and throws and while you'll only really ever use them in winter, in the summer they can be used to add colour to your space. So, if you are perhaps scared of colour or you feel that you don't know what works in your space this is the perfect way to experiment with colouring your space.

And you could go, as bright as you like - I would say the best way of using colour and pattern in your space is to mix scale. How to do this is to have a big quite large pattern repeat paired with another pattern that was quite small so that you create interest with size. Patterns only clash when they are of the same scale so by mixing the size of pattern up you enhance each pattern, and it's the perfect way to experiment with having pattern and colour in your space without going overboard, and without committing to it.

There you have it, three ways you can enhance your home for the summer without worrying about having too many items in your space.

About Aarti

Aarti Popat is an Interior Designer and Consultant for busy couples, inspired by design, helping them create spaces they love and a Mentor helping ambitious female interior designers to create and build a successful interior design business that they love.

Aarti has spent the last 15 years working for global brands and private clients as well as designing across various interiors sectors including retail, experiential, hospitality and residential. She believes that the key to successful interior design is to create meaningful & intentional spaces and brand experiences that complement and enhance our lives.

She works with both residential and boutique commercial clients to bring their visions to life through her expertise and experience in the retail, F&B and hospitality industries.

She now uses her extensive experience in the industry to mentor interior designers at the beginning of their career and business journey as well as designing interiors for private design clients and brands.

In addition she lectures on the BA (Hons) Interior Design Course at a prestigious Design School in London.


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