If you are in the middle of your decluttering journey and were regularly removing objects from your home or you like to control the flow of items in and out of your space to keep on top of things, here are some tips to keep that momentum going without being able to leave your home. 

Minimalism on Female First

Minimalism on Female First

Recycling collections: The easiest way to purge your home of things is by putting as much as you can into your recycling bin. Scan your home for boxes from deliveries, old papers, greetings cards, shredded paper, letters, plastic containers you never use, old notebooks, glass items that are redundant. Basically, rid your home of anything that you no longer need and that fits in with your local council’s recycling criteria.  

Don’t be tempted to throw things away in your normal waste bin just to get rid of them!

Digital photos and videos: One area of clutter that doesn’t require you to leave the home to get rid of is digital photos and videos. Use the time to sort through your photos and videos and get rid of any that are blurry or that you have unnecessary multiples of and place them in easy to find categories for future reference. 

Old documents: Delete any old documents that you no longer need and sort anything that remains into clear and accessible folders. This could be old college or university essays, old job applications or lists and notes that you no longer require. 

Food: If you have any food that you were planning on giving away or that is going out of date, could you use it up in a new dish to feed your family? You could break the norm and try something different in order to make use of everything in your cupboards. Try some new recipes and use lockdown as an excuse to improve your skills in the kitchen!

Take stock: With the country in lockdown, you might not have been able to get what you wanted at the shops, in which case, look at what you have at home. Perhaps you got some body wash at Christmas that you were going to give away so why not decant it into your handwash bottle when your existing wash is all gone and use it to wash your hands with instead? 

Ask around: Take a look in your donation bag or pile and ask anyone in your circle of friends or family if they would like any of the things you are planning on giving away. Take pictures and write descriptions of the items so they know what they are committing to. You may not be able to give them the items right away, but you could bag them up and store them in a loft or garage for when you can see each other again so they are out of your way.  

Be creative: Could you repurpose anything that you were planning on giving away? For instance, if you were going to donate some of your baby’s old clothes, could you cut them up and make them into a patchwork quilt? It not only makes use of the items but also gives you a project to fill in the time at home.  Maybe you were going to sell a table onto Facebook Marketplace- could you use this as your desk until you no longer have to work from home? 

Happy decluttering during lockdown! 

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