Books seem to be a problem for a lot of people when it comes to decluttering. Often we are reluctant to get rid of books for sentimental reasons or fear that we may one day want to return to one if we discard it. Here are our top seven tips to help you keep your books to a manageable amount. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

  1. Buy digital versions of your favourites: If you have a small selection of books that you know you will read over and over again- one solution could be to buy them all in a digital format so they no longer take up space on your shelf. It may cost you a small amount of money (digital versions are usually cheaper than paper/hardbacks) however it all depends on what means more to you- the space or the money. Only you will know the answer to this. 
  2. Only buy digital books from now on: If you have already whittled your books down to just a few- another goal could be to only buy books digitally from now on so you don’t bring anymore physical copies into your home.  
  3. Have a one in-one out rule: Only buy another book once your finished the one you’re reading and it’s left your home. You could pass it onto someone else or take it to the charity shop- but a new book should not pass the threshold until your current one has left your space. This gives you an incentive to part ways with any books you’ve read so you can enjoy the next one. 
  4. Read what you have before ordering/buying anymore: Another rule could be that you must read all the books on your shelf or by your bed before you can contemplate bringing anymore into your home. Too often people add to their already overflowing piles of books and it looks more like a task than a pleasure to get through them all. Better to read what is there and finish the pile before investing in anymore. 
  5. Discard any that you’ve read: And won’t read again. If you know that once is enough for a book that you’ve kept after completion- give these away to friends or family members or to your local charity shop. Why keep a book you are certain you will never open again? 
  6. Declutter any books that you’ve not finished: Perhaps you started one or two but they didn’t capture your attention enough to return to them- in which case- let someone else enjoy what’s written on the pages right to the end if you’re not going to be that person. 
  7. Get rid of any that you never reach for: Perhaps you have some books on your shelves that someone recommended to you but they don’t feel like the right fit for you or maybe you bought a trilogy/series but the first one or two books didn’t really do it for you- in which case- let them go because you are never realistically going to read them! 

So there we have it- just a few suggestions for how you can prevent your books from turning into a library if you don’t have the space or want to dedicate part of your home to this item. 

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