If you are an aspiring minimalist but don’t like the all white, nothing on show aesthetic in your bathroom, there are some things you can introduce into your space that are both useful and beautiful. Here are just a few suggestions to give your bathroom some character without being overly cluttered: 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

  1. A glass jar for cotton buds: If you use cotton buds daily, you could display these in a pretty glass jar rather than storing them away in a cupboard in the original packaging they came in. Clear is an obvious choice if you have a preference for white, however if there are other colours in your bathroom, you can always pick these out when you come to choose your jar for a little pop of something different. 
  2.  Hand soap dispenser: Rather than settling for the plastic bottle your soap comes in from the supermarket, you can always purchase a more attractive dispenser and decant the soap into this. Again, it’s something that is regularly used, so can be placed on the side of your sink and will make things look a little more classy and a bit less branded. 
  3. Towel shelf/holder/rack: If you tend to keep your towels in your airing cupboard or another area of the home- you could always buy some in accent colours (or keep the ones you have if you are happy with a more neutral colour) and place them on a towel shelf above your bath. This will allow you to create a pop of colour with something that is a necessity rather than an excess piece of decor that serves no purpose. 
  4.  Toothbrush holder: If you tend to keep your toothbrushes tucked away in a cupboard- it might be time to bring them out and make a feature of them. You can get holders in the shape of a cup that stands on your skink or shelf or fix one to the wall. If you don’t have an electric toothbrush, this can add a bit of interest to a bathroom with something that you use twice a day and it will also let the air get to them to help them dry after use. 
  5.  Unbranded shampoo/body wash/conditioner containers: As with your hand soap- if you want to follow the Konmarie method of not having too many labels on display in your world- you could always pour your shower and bath products into neutral bottles that all match one another for a more streamlined look. Admittedly, having clusters of different branded bottles about your shower and bath can be distracting so this can glam up your space with things you reach for every day. 
  6.  A basket for flannels: Perhaps you are attempting to minimise the cotton pads and balls you use and have switched to flannels instead. You can always store your stash of washcloths in a basket to keep them altogether and give them a designated spot in your bathroom. All who live with you can just grab one as they need it and then pop it in the laundry basket when they are done, then once they are washed and dried, they have a place to return to. 
  7.  Toilet rolls: If you store your toilet rolls in an unseen place, perhaps you can display these on a toilet roll holder instead. As they are all uniform, they tend to look neat when stacked up anyway- but a designated holder will make them appear a little more put together.  

All of these suggestions mean that you will have everything you need in one place, without having to go hunting for items when you run out, while giving your bathroom some useful decor at the same time. So, if you don’t want to see a bare space when you enter this room in your home, see what you can repurpose as decor from the things you already have and use on a daily basis. 

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