We are nearly there- not long until the end of the month, so if you are doing the 30 Day Minimalism Game, hang in there- you can do it! If you’re not but just want some ideas of where to look next in your home, we have your back! Here are 22 things you can purge today, should you have anything in these areas that no longer serves you! 

Credit: Sergei Bobylev/Tass/PA Images

Credit: Sergei Bobylev/Tass/PA Images

  1. Water bottles: If you have a water or juice drinker in the house, these can easily mount up! Keep a couple of favourites so you can have one on the go while the other is being cleaned and ditch the rest. They can go discoloured if you put them through the dishwasher anyway and who wants a clear water bottle with a red/orange tinge?! Not me!
  2. Glasses: While many people believe you need a glass for every different kind of drink or occasion- this is simply not true. One set that will function for juice, smoothies, water and Christmas, Easter, birthdays and everyday use will keep your collection to a manageable amount. Any promotional glasses, ones that are chipped or you never use need to go! 
  3. Anything that the seal has broken on: Perhaps you have a spare fridge that the seal went on years ago but you’ve yet to get it out of your home. Or maybe you have some food containers that don’t have a tight seal and they are no longer fit for purpose. If so, make an effort to get them out of your space. 
  4. Seaside decor: If you regularly holiday at the seaside and have brought back many a trinket to remind you of your jollies, it might be time to apre these down. Especially if they have the opposite effect and make you feel negatively about your home or doing the daily grind. Whatever you decorate your space with is supposed to make you smile, not countdown until you are out of there! 
  5. Water jugs: If you had fantasies about hosting parties with jugs filled with iced water and a slice of lemon on the side but you find it easier just to give everyone their own glass or can- these no longer have a place in your home. 
  6. Bottles of water: While these tend to have a long shelf life on them if you’ve had some tucked away in a cupboard or your fridge for a while it may be worth checking the use-by date. 
  7. Swimming costumes/bathing suits/bikinis/trunks: While you may not have been on holiday last year, try to think back to 2019- what swimming attire did you take with you? Whatever you left behind clearly didn’t cut it for whatever reason- so part ways with it. 
  8. Anything that has gone off: Take a good look in your fridge or at the back of your cupboards for anything that has lived in there a while and check to see if it has gone off. If it has- it’s out of there! 
  9. Pancakes: Perhaps you bought some pre-prepared pancakes for pancake Tuesday and you never got around to using them- in which case, bin them and recycle what you can of the packaging. 
  10. Pancake toppings: If you invested in some toppings but only used a fraction of the bottle and now it’s gone hard or growing mould- let it go before it makes someone ill!
  11. Water bottles: If you have one of these but never used for fear it might leak or because you have found an alternative way to warm yourself up in bed- give this away to someone who loves to curl up with a bottle on a chilly night.
  12. Water doodle mat: You may have purchased one of these in the hope that your little one would make less mess when they were feeling artistic. But even with the best intentions, if they never use it- pass it onto someone who will.
  13. Paddling pool: Maybe you bought one of these to entertain your children during lockdown and they never really took to it or it’s just too cold for such entertainment in Britain- if so see if someone will take it off your hands on a second hand website.    
  14. Water Balloons: Again these may have seemed like a good idea at the time but in practice might not have had a desired effect so give them away to other families who enjoy being wet all the time! 
  15. Water play mat: These are great for babies, but if your little one has grown out of this see if someone in the family or your friendship circle will take it off you for their baby. 
  16. Pancake ingredients: If you only make pancakes once a year and are not much of a baker, try to pass on as much of the ingredients as you can to someone who enjoys baking all year round rather than leaving them to go off.
  17. Sticky residue: While this is not necessarily a physical item- if you haven’t kept on top of your cleaning in lockdown or you have children- gooey messes can accumulate quickly on surfaces. Getting rid of dirt from your home is still minimising something in my book so get out your cleaning products and start scrubbing. 
  18. Anything that creeps you out: This may sound like a weird suggestion but most of us have things in the home that make us feel uneasy. Perhaps it’s a doll that was given to you as a gift from a relative that you keep in a box because you don’t like to have it out on display or an ornament that you would never have picked but feel obliged to keep because it was from a good friend. Your home should be a sanctuary not somewhere you feel uncomfortable, so even if they were given to you by someone you care about, you may need to send this away to enjoy your space. 
  19. Bath products/shampoo/conditioners/shower gels: These are typical gifts that you might get at Christmas from someone who doesn’t know you very well. If you stick to one product and never deviate from it, give away anything that you know you won’t use or that you tried once and didn’t really cut it. People who are not so brand loyal will gladly take these off your hands. 
  20. Old bathroom fixtures and fittings: If you’ve recently had your bathroom redone and you’ve kept some of the old pieces from it such as taps, shower heads or plugs for that ‘just in case’ moment- make sure these are out of your house by the end of the day- chances are the old stuff won’t fit in your new space anyway so take them for recycling. 
  21. Compass: If you once enjoyed a ramble in the woods or up a mountain where you used your compass on a regular basis but no longer do this- say adios! Or you needed one as part of a training exercise but you’ve not had to call on it since- give it to a budding walker or a student if they will find benefit in using it. 
  22. A-Z Road Atlas: While most of us feel we should have one of these in the car, the majority of people rely on their phones or a sat nav to get around now- rendering them obsolete. If you can’t remember the last time you used yours or indeed can’t read one- recycle it or if it’s current- give it to someone who still uses this as a means of getting around. 

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Quilts: Every bed needs a quilt, yes, but most don’t need back ups or several back ups. Make sure every bed in your home is accounted for and send the rest to local animal or women’s shelters as they may be looking for this kind of donation.

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