Just nine days left on the 30 Day Minimalism Game if that is the tool you are using to declutter your space. However if you are just looking for a place to start on today- we have some ideas to give you a nudge:

Credit: Juha Tuomi/STT-Lehtikuva/PA Images

Credit: Juha Tuomi/STT-Lehtikuva/PA Images

  1. Chia seeds: Chia seeds have been very popular within vegan chefs lately and they seem to be to the go-to accompaniment for cooking and sprinkling on dishes. If you bought some with intention of getting creative in the kitchen but you’re not really into that sort of thing- pass these onto someone who will get a kick out of using them in new ways. 
  2. Crisps: Crisps have a short use by date, so if you bought some for the Christmas period, it’s time to get label checking! 
  3. Dips: Fresh dips also go off quickly so take a look at what you have in your fridge but also any longer life ones that may be lingering in your cupboards. 
  4. Bread: Take a peek at the state of your loaves in your bread bin- you might find some strange things growing on them if you look closely enough. 
  5. Things with pieces missing: This could be a board game, a jigsaw or your child’s toy- whatever is incomplete, get it out of your home. 
  6. 3D Glasses: if you were an avid cinema goer before lockdown, you may have generated quite the collection of these so get rid of any that are scratched or broken and keep only what you need.  
  7. Ale: If you are a real ale drinker- be wary that they have a short shelf life, so if you bought some for over the festive period- they may have already gone bad. 
  8. Chips/potatoes: While potatoes last a while, if they have started to smell and grow things it’s time to part ways. Similarly if you have any chips in the freezer that you never really took a shine to- pass them on to someone who cooks everything in the oven. 
  9. Anything that you dipped in and out of but never really took to: Perhaps you started a new hobby, bought all the equipment to go with it only to find that you didn’t enjoy it. If so, sell what you can and let someone else take pleasure in it instead. 
  10. Broken toasters: If you have kept a toaster ‘just in case’ your other once breaks- get rid of it. Toasters are inexpensive so whatever you would spend on getting it fixed would probably cost you the same in a new machine anyway. 
  11. Chip and dip serving dishes: If you had fantasies about hosting parties all the time when you moved into your home, but you would rather just spend it with your family or go out for a meal instead, purge any serving dishes that you haven’t used since you bought them. 
  12. Hair dyes: You may have bought a few boxes of dye during lockwon but tried the first one only to find it was the wrong shade. Give them to a family member or friend who would be better suited to it or offer them up on a second hand site. 
  13. Fabric dyes: If you fancied doing a bit of tie dye or giving that outfit a new look by dying it another colour but you have not got around to it, clearly it isn’t as much of a priority as you thought it was. 
  14. Anything that is fashionable but doesn’t suit you: If you made a purchase that is in vogue, but really doesn’t suit your body shape, it has no place in your wardrobe. What you have hanging in your closet should make you feel confident, not uncomfortable. 
  15. Champagne or prosecco: While it’s the done thing to drink this when celebrating, if you don’t like the taste of it- why is it in your home? Give it someone who loves a toast even when there is nothing much happening. 
  16. Cans of soda/pop: While these do tend to last a while, if you have a few lurking at the back of the fridge that no one in your household has reached for in a long time, chances are they are past their best. 
  17. Lottery tickets: Check them first of course but if you have a stack of these that didn’t win you any money, shred them! 
  18. Scratch cards: Again, these can pile up in your purse or on a surface if you don’t keep them in check so make sure there are no winners in there and discard the rest. 
  19. Raffle tickets: If you were someone who went to a lot of events pre lockdown, you may have got roped into buying raffle tickets. So if you have any lying around- the organisers would have contacted you about the prize by now- I think you can say with some certainty that you haven’t won! 
  20. Socks: Socks have a habit of losing their friends so if you have a drawer full of mismatched ones and their partner hasn’t found its way out of the dryer yet- recycle what you can.
  21. Ties: Take out your favourites and then any you never reach for should go the distance. And if you will be working from home for the foreseeable future now, you may not need as many as you once did.  
  22. Tweets: If you are active on Twitter and haven’t looked back on your accounts for a while, it may be worth ‘tidying’ it up- especially if you no longer feel the same way about issues that you were once passionate about. 
  23. Pies: If you bought some pies for the freezer, ate some of them and decided that they weren’t for you- pass these on and similarly, if you have any pies in tins in your cupboards that were an impulse buy and don’t float your boat, see who will take them off you. 

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We are nearly there- not long until the end of the month, so if you are doing the 30 Day Minimalism Game, hang in there- you can do it! If you’re not but just want some ideas of where to look next in your home, we have your back! Here are 22 things you can purge today, should you have anything in these areas that no longer serves you!...  

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