Perhaps you are following the 30 Day Minimalism Game to the letter or maybe you are struggling for areas of your home to focus on- either way- we are posting some suggestions for each day of this month to help you reach your personal goals. Here are our twenty for today…

Credit: Lorenzo Di Cola/NurPhoto/PA Images

Credit: Lorenzo Di Cola/NurPhoto/PA Images

  1. Flour: Perhaps you bought some flour in the hope of baking during lockdown but it’s not really your thing- if so get it out of your cupboards before you have to throw it away and give it to someone who likes to bake within your bubble.
  2. Period products: Apologies to all the men who are doing this challenge- you can skip this point. If you have any items that didn’t work for you and you’re continuing to use the products you’ve always used and loved- see if you have any girlfriends who might like to take these off you. Branded period products can be expensive, so help them to save some money on these necessities. 
  3. Props: If you were once fond of hosting shows with your family for the sake of your kids- you might have invested in a few props to make the whole thing more believable. If you no longer do these to pass the time, it may be wise to let go of things associated with this period of your life. 
  4. Anything that is worn out: If you have clothes that are beyond repair, furniture that no longer functions or shoes that can’t be rescued, now is the time to pass them onto the recycling centre. 
  5. Quilts: Every bed needs a quilt, yes, but most don’t need back ups or several back ups. Make sure every bed in your home is accounted for and send the rest to local animal or women’s shelters as they may be looking for this kind of donation. 
  6. Quilting accessories: If you decided to take up quilting in lockdown but it never really took off, or maybe you once enjoyed this pastime but now you feel indifferent towards it, try and pass on all the things associated with the hobby to someone who will enjoy using the products. 
  7. Springtime products you no longer use: If you once enjoyed marking the start of springtime with specific decor, scents or clothing but you don’t reach for these anymore- why not give them the heave-ho and just enjoy the flowers and improved weather instead?
  8. Pasta: Pasta does have a long shelf life, however if you have gone low carb or it makes you bloat, it has no place in your home anymore. 
  9. Rings: If you haven’t already visited your rings use this opportunity to focus on it, especially if you have a large jewellery collection. Any that were cheap and cheerful but turn your fingers green or you just don’t enjoy wearing because they are too large or uncomfortable should find another place to live. 
  10. Pens: Pens have a habit of piling up if you’re not careful to monitor your collection so test them all and keep only the ones that work and also a reasonable amount. 
  11. Shared items: If there is anything you bought with your partner that you both have grown to loathe or see no value in keeping- purge these before they change their mind! 
  12. Old phones: This could be a landline phone that you don’t use anymore because you rely on your mobile for all calls now or ones you have hung onto because you have upgraded. There could be money in selling the more up to date ones, however for those that are too old- remove any important pictures from them and recycle what is left. 
  13. Gin: Gin has become a very popular drink lately and so people feel the need to buy this tipple for gifts but if you don’t enjoy the taste, there will be plenty of other people who will take this off your hands! 
  14. Smart products: If you invested in a smart product that you have never got to grips with or is just too complicated to use- try selling it or giving it to a family member who is more technically minded than you are. 
  15. Condiments: Condiments don’t last forever, despite what you might think so check out the cupboards with all of these additional sauces, pickles and sprinkles in and see what has waved goodbye to its use by date. 
  16. Springs: Most people have a spring to something and they have no idea what it’s for- but have kept it anyway. If you do and haven’t discovered what it belongs to yet and everything in your home works fine- let it go. Similarly, if you have a Slinky that your child has grown out of- give it away. 
  17. Oral health products: Wave adios to any toothpaste you don’t like the taste of or doesn’t do the job, mouthwash that irritates your gums, empty rolls of dental floss and toothbrushes that are so old the bristles are dropping out. 
  18. Half written stories: These might have been done by your children or by you- but if they never got finished, chances are, there was no end to be written. If by some miracle you or they do want to complete these works one day- scan them so you will always have the first half. 
  19. Language books: Perhaps you tried to learn a bit of Spanish before your holiday or had dreams of taking a french class to expand on your high school knowledge but neither of them really came to fruition, be honest with yourself. If you didn’t do it then- why will you do it now?
  20. Language notes: If you still have your old school books from when you did German, Spanish or French or maybe essays and flashcards from when you studied this at A-Level or degree standard and you haven’t used it as part of your current career- shred what you can and scan anything that is particularly poignant. 

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