We are so close to the finish line now! If you’ve followed the 30 Day Minimalism Game by The Minimalists to the letter, you will be able to say you’ve cleared out nearly 500 items by the end of the challenge. And if you just need some new places to look- here are our 28 suggestions for today!

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

  1. Photos of cakes: Most of us still have pictures of our special birthday cakes- our 18th, 21st or 30th Birthday cake for example (I know I do as a lot of time and effort was put into making them). Maybe you take one every year to remember all the cakes you’ve been given for your birthday or anniversary. Either way, you may have a few of the same cake- if so, whittle these down to just the best one for each occasion so you don’t have to plough your way through dozens when you want to look back on the day.
  2. Nature pictures: While pictures of lakes, forests and rivers can be very beautiful, there is little point in having them if they are blurry or you can’t remember where they were taken. Keep only the landscape images that you can name, because generic pictures come a dime a dozen. 
  3. Walking sticks: If you used to be a keen walker but now you no longer go for jaunts in the countryside, perhaps you can get some money for your old walking sticks to put towards something you enjoy doing now. 
  4. Weeds: If you are a keen gardener- why not go out into your garden and pull out a few weeds that have been bothering you for a while? The plants you want to keep will be grateful at not having to share their soil with them anymore. If you are physically unable to yourself- call in a professional gardener to keep the borders tidy for you. 
  5. Clean anything that is caked in dirt: Take a look around your home for any muck you can declutter as well as things. Perhaps your windows could do with a good wash or your shower needs scrubbing to get rid of the soapy residue? You are still getting things out of your home even if they seem minor by comparison to the other stuff. 
  6. Clocks: Do you have any clocks you’ve been wanting to repair but they don’t mean enough to you to get them fixed? Or perhaps you have a clock hanging on your wall that you deteste and you would rather have nothing there instead? If so, it needs to go. 
  7. Watches: While you are focusing on timepieces, why not take a look at your watch collection. Which ones need repair and which ones would wear again? Which ones are uncomfortable or are no longer your style? 
  8. Anything you’ve wanted rid of for a while: Perhaps you had already done a declutter prior to this experience but the stuff still hasn’t left your home. If so, make an effort to get it out of your space today. List it on social media for immediate pick up, take it to the tip or pass it onto someone you promised it to. 
  9. Hairspray: Perhaps you bought some because you thought you get up early to do something interesting with your hair every day- but that never happened. If you like low maintenance, there is nothing wrong with that- just don’t keep the aspirational hair products. 
  10. Anything that promised better rest: But didn’t deliver. Perhaps you bought a new pillow because it was going to make you sleep better or an app that was supposed to help you relax before bed and it just kept you awake. Rid yourself of these empty promises and stick to what works. 
  11. Anything that you ride: This could include bikes that you’ve not used in years or children’s outdoor cars and trikes that they are too big for- to name a couple of examples. If these pieces aren’t being ridden, they are pretty useless in your home. 
  12. Things you no longer appreciate: Perhaps you bought something on a holiday and it was the centre of your focus for a while but you’ve grown to see it for what it is- a simple ornament or fridge magnet that has lost its ability to evoke fond memories for you. Maybe you once kept all the cards your partner gave you but you’ve recently broken up so they remind you of bad times rather than good. 
  13. Books on nature: If you went through a phase of reading books related to the outdoors, but all the ones you own you have now read, it might be time to pass these onto someone else to enjoy. Or maybe you read a few pages and couldn’t get into one or two books on this topic- in which case let them go. 
  14. Nature magazines: Along the same vein as books- if you once enjoyed reading about nature but this no longer fills you with joy- cancel any subscriptions you have for these publications and recycle any copies you’ve read or don’t fancy picking up. 
  15. Lollipop sticks: If your child insisted that you kept all of your lollipop sticks for crafting purposes, but they haven’t used them in a while- perhaps they have grown out this particular medium- in which case, recycle them so they can make room for their new crafting passions. 
  16. Vegetable sticks: Check in your fridge for any veggie sticks that may have gone off. Even with the best of intentions these can still go bad, so make sure that all outdated veggies go in the compost bin. 
  17. Glue sticks: These may be located in a crafting drawer or a stationery drawer somewhere in your home- if any have dried out- pitch them immediately.
  18. Hinges: DIYers tend to love to keep things such as this for ‘just in case’ moments but these never come around. If you haven’t found a use for the spare hinges you have lying around- recycle these and move on. 
  19. Video cameras: If you tend to record most of your videos on your phone now, there is no need to have a video camera in your home. Make sure you have taken out all tapes/memory cards and sell or recycle the camera depending on its age. 
  20. Anything that makes you ache: Shoes that don’t fit right, seats that aren’t comfortable or pillows that make you wake up in agony every day- don’t put yourself through pain for inadequate items. 
  21. Sewing stuff: If you are not a big sewer and tend to send your stuff to family members or to professionals to get fixed, you don’t need a full kit- just an emergency one will do.
  22. Anything that needs sewing: If you still haven’t got something fixed yet- does it really mean that much to you?  
  23. Minor medical issues: Make today the day that you finally buy the product to get rid of the verucca or address that niggly rash you can’t shift by making an appointment at the doctor. Decluttering can be about getting rid of irritable health problems too, so make sure you are in tip top shape by addressing these small complaints. 
  24. Tick treatments: If you have a dog or cat and you once had to treat them for ticks and fleas but the medicine is long out of date or perhaps your pet sadly passed- dispose of this now. 
  25. Sunday best: If you used to get dressed up every Sunday to go to church or out for Sunday dinner but your finacines won’t allow anymore or your priorities have changed- reduce down your clothing to just a couple of outfits for the rare occasions when you will go out again. There is no point in having a wardrobe full of smart clothes if you are intending to spend more time at home from now on. 
  26. Bunting: Take a look in your box of decorations for any buting that might be past its best or is no longer relevant for your space. 
  27. Fidget spinners: These were all the rage a couple of years ago and if you bought one- perhaps you no longer play with it now the novelty has worn off. Donate any for the benefit of those who missed the craze the first time around. 
  28. Sandwich containers: If you are partial to take-away sandwich on your lunch break- make sure there are no containers lurking in the foot well of your car, in the bottom of your handbag or indeed on your desk at home. 

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Chia seeds: Chia seeds have been very popular within vegan chefs lately and they seem to be the go-to accompaniment for cooking and sprinkling on dishes. If you bought some with intention of getting creative in the kitchen but you’re not really into that sort of thing- pass these onto someone who will get a kick out of using them in new ways...

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