Whether you have joined the community of people who are doing the 30 Day Minimalism Game created by The Minimalists (see below video for more details) or you simply want to make your space more minimal, we have our top suggestions for today’s possible purges. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

1. Games: As it’s National Mario Day, we are turning our attention to games so if you have any games that you’ve not played in a while or didn’t enjoy when you did, sell them on and create some cash to spend on things you do want. Or give them to someone who will enjoy playing them- a nephew or a brother perhaps. 

2. Consoles: Continuing with the game theme, if you have any old consoles that no longer work or that do but you’ve upgraded to a newer version, why not trade these in to make some money back or take the damaged ones to your local recycling centre? 

3. Accessories: With every upgrade, comes a surplus of gaming accessories some of which you will use religiously and others you will never touch. So if you have any accessories going spare, see if anyone else would like to take these off your hands.

4. Lunch boxes: If you have children who go to nursery or school, you are bound to have a stash of lunch boxes, drinking bottles and containers in your cupboards- not all of which will be functional or being used. Perhaps you used to take your lunch to work every day before lockdown and now work from home permanently so don’t need yours anymore. Evaluate what you need and discard the rest so you can use that space for something more important. 

5. Packing equipment: This could be anything from suitcases to packing cubes. While this year might not be an accurate reflection of what you use and what you don’t- think back to when you did go on holidays and took weekends away and try to recall what came with you every time and what you left behind. You may have a suitcase that is too bulky or heavy, so you always opt for your lighter one or maybe one of your cases has seen better days and could do with being pitched in favour of a new one. 

6. Pop/soda: Your fridge might be loaded with half full bottles of fizzy pop that no one will pour because it’s all gone flat- in which case, make some room for new bottles or cans by emptying them out and recycling the bottles or try and drink more water instead! Check all the use by dates on your drinks too as they don’t have a long shelf life so if you have any left over from Christmas or New Year, they may well be past their best now. 

7. Diet books: Most of us are guilty of buying the book and never reading it in the hope that having it on the shelf will magically make the weight drop off. If you have some of these lining your shelves and you haven’t followed the programme or you started it and realised it wasn’t for you- it’s time to move on. Books such as these are generally popular on second hand sites as people want to try out new plans without the expensive price tag. 

8. Bags: Take a look at your bag collection- do you have more than you need? Could you pare it down to just one everyday bag, one weekender bag and one going out bag in neutral colours so they will go with everything? Designer bags also sell well on second hand sites as people want to grab a bargain so if you do decide to sell any of them you shouldn’t have any problems shifting them. 

9. Pipes: While this may sound like a strange suggestion, you may have some lurking around in your home if you look carefully. Maybe there are some old cut offs from a plumbing job you did in the house, or perhaps you have some bagpipes that you bought on a whim and have never played them since you brought them into your space. What about old tobacco pipes that were passed down to you and might be better suited with another family member?

10. Berries: If you have some lurking in the back of your fridge that have grown fluffy, these need to head straight for the bin. You may have gone on a smoothie diet and bought a load of frozen fruit but it never really took of, if so, give this to a friend or family member who enjoys making fruit drinks or baking with berries or look up what is safe to give the birds in your garden, defrost them and put them out for them to feast on. 

So there we have it- ten things for day ten- now you can breathe a sigh of relief!

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