Whether you are joining in with the other folks who are doing the 30 Day Minimalism Challenge this month or you are just systematically going through each room in your home to lessen the load, here are just 16 things you might want to purge today. 

Credit: Darren Greenwood/Zuma Press/PA Images

Credit: Darren Greenwood/Zuma Press/PA Images

  1. Hair products: Whether you are curly haired, have straight locks or fine strands, you will probably have one too many hair products. Most women try a few brands before they settle on one they love, so if you have some spares, give them away or clean them out and recycle the bottles or tubs they came in. 
  2. Stuff to do with your old crush: That’s right- if you still have photos, letters or mementos from your crush- it’s time to move on- especially if you have a current partner! 
  3. Anything that is heart shaped: Decor you bought on a whim, Valentine’s Day related paraphernalia or something your partner bought you that you didn’t like from day one- let it go and move on. 
  4. Information you will never reference: This might come in the form of leaflets, letters, pamphlets or emails- if you know you won’t use it- shred it, take it to your recycling bin or delete it. 
  5. Pans: We all have pans we always use and those we never find a reason to pull out of the cupboard. Now is the perfect opportunity to let go of the ones you never cook anything in. Either recycle them, give them away or sell them if they are in good condition. 
  6. Artwork: If you are the creative one in your house or maybe your child is the artistic member of the family- whoever produces the most art in your home- whittle down these masterpieces to the ones that are really meaningful. There will no doubt be a lot that don’t qualify as special, so recycle these so you can truly appreciate the ones that should be cherished.  
  7. Social Media Platforms: Perhaps you don’t use this platform anymore, or maybe you feel bad every time you access it- both of these are good enough reasons to justify why you need to leave it behind. 
  8. Search history: Many people forget to clear their search history on Google, Amazon, eBay or YouTube to name a few. So, whichever sites you use often- clear the history so you can start afresh the next time you browse. Seeing something you once searched for can bring this item back to the forefront of your mind and may encourage you to think about buying it again. 
  9. Unwanted plants in your garden: Take a look at your garden border or plant pots- which ones don’t give you any pleasure to look at even when they are in full bloom? Which ones are dead or dying? Remove any plants that frustrate you when you look at them, leaving only the ones that make you smile. 
  10. DVDs and Blu-rays: If you haven’t visited your movie collection yet, now is the time to go there! If you have access to a lot of streaming services, you will probably be able to find each and every one of your movies digitally so there is no need to have the physical discs in your life. 
  11. Mats and rugs: Do you have mats and rugs that are past their best or ones that you always trip over and are simply a danger to you and your family? If so, take what you can to a recycling point or sell any that are still in good condition. 
  12. Anything you’ve rigged or set up yourself: Most people have a makeshift object or system in their home. Something they have tried to fashion to save money or to prevent them from having to go out to get the item new. If what you have put together is unsafe or not fit for purpose, it’s time to get it out of your space and either do without or buy the real thing. 
  13. Anything that brings you sorrow or distress: Look around your home- what makes you miserable? Is it the pile of paperwork on the kitchen countertops, is it the overflowing laundry pile or could it be the stack of toys in your living room? Whatever brings you down in your space- make that your primary focus until it’s no longer a problem. 
  14. Forms: Any forms you NEED to fill in- clear those off today and stop putting off this necessary task. Forms that you don’t need to complete and haven’t done so already- let them go. You are never going to fill these in if you haven’t felt compelled to already. 
  15. Journals, diaries and calendars: Perhaps you have kept your journals from when you were little but finally feel able to say goodbye. Maybe you still have your calendar and diary from last year and just haven’t got around to recycling them yet. Unless you plan to use these for something in the future, give yourself permission to let them go. 
  16. Anything that doesn’t work: You are bound to have one thing in your home that doesn’t work anymore. If you haven’t got it fixed yet and have no intention of doing so, or you replaced it and now have two of the same item, take whatever isn’t doing its job to the recycling centre. This could be an old games console, TV, kitchen appliance, DVD player, gadget, computer or a printer- to name a few, so go on a faulty hunt and see what you can find! 

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Shoes: Check out your entire shoe collection and seek out the pairs you haven’t worn in the last year. While we have been in lockdown, there may be pairs you would only wear on special occasions so you may have to cast your mind back over two years to figure out if they are a keeper or not. The easiest way to decide what to hold onto and what to get rid of is to imagine yourself going out tonight- which pairs would you select and which would you leave behind because they are uncomfortable or well worn?

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