If you’re motivated by the 30 Day Minimalism Game (see video below for details) or you are trying to fill in your time with some decluttering to pass some time during the last of lockdown, here are just 17 areas of the home you might want to concentrate on today. 

Credit:  Guo Qun/Xinhua News Agency/PA Images

Credit: Guo Qun/Xinhua News Agency/PA Images

  1. Corned beef: As it’s National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day, it seems only fitting to check out your corned beef supply. Perhaps you bought a couple of cans in a panic lockdown shop and you just never reach for it to make sandwiches or an evening meal with the stuff. In which case, give it to someone you are bubbling with or drop it off at your local food bank collection point.
  2. Cabbage: Carrying on with the theme of the day, if you have some cabbage rotting in your fridge or some that’s frozen and you know you will never get around to defrosting and using it in something, pass it onto a family member who enjoys the green stuff. 
  3. Honey: Honey doesn’t have an expiry, however it’s much better in the cupboard of someone who is going to use it so give it to a friend or family member who pops it on their porridge in the morning or drizzles it on their parsnips on a Sunday. 
  4. Taxi receipts: If you still have some of these lying around and you don’t need them to claim back the money at work, pop then in your recycling box. 
  5. Beef: Perhaps you have some beef slices lurking in the back of the fridge that are long past their best or maybe you have a large beef joint in the freezer that is approaching the point where you should be eating it. If so, defrost it, cook it and host a big roast during the week for your family. 
  6. Anything that is green: As it’s also St. Patrick’s Day, take a quick look around your home for green things, like Dorothy in the Return to OZ. If you spot anything that is both green and redundant in your home, remove it before the day is out! 
  7. Coins: Collect all your loose change together and if you have enough to make up some bank bags, do so and take them to your local branch. Or better yet, spend it on some treats next time you are at the shops! 
  8. Anything with a rainbow on: Perhaps you bought some rainbow decor that you have come to hate, maybe your children have clothes with rainbows on that no longer fit them or perhaps they drew one too many rainbows during lockdown and you don’t want to keep them all- if so part ways now.  
  9. St Patrick’s Day Paraphernalia: If you have any dress up items from previous years that got spoiled or not longer fit, send them to the charity shop bag and drop them off when you can or post them on a second hand site, you never know, someone might be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at the weekend and needs some last minute bits. 
  10. Irish whiskey: Or any other whiskey for that matter- if you were given a bottle for Christmas or won one at a raffle and it’s not your tipple of choice, give it to someone who will drink it. 
  11. Beer: Beer goes off quickly, so if you have some cans in your booze cupboard or in the fridge check out their use by date for any that may have exceeded it. 
  12.  Anything that has aged beyond repair: This could be a pair of shoes that are no longer fit for purpose, a coat that has seen better days or a piece of furniture that is dropping to bits. If it has aged to such an extent that you couldn’t revive it even if you wanted to- it’s time to let go. 
  13. Popcorn: If you bought some popcorn with the image of your family sitting around for movie night to watch a film while tucking into a bowl of popcorn but it never really worked out- pass this onto to some movie buffs in your life who you know enjoy doing this more than you do.
  14. Carrier bags: If you have invested in some good quality reusable shopping bags there is no need to have a surplus of carrier bags in your home. Have just enough for your average shop and recycle the rest.
  15. Anything that is too small: Perhaps you have clothes for when you reach your goal weight but you haven’t been that size for years or maybe your children have grown out of a lot of their clothes and you need to expand their current collection. If so, put them as a job lot on a second hand site or give the kid’s stuff to a friend or family member who has younger children than you do for them to grow into.
  16. Bus tickets: If you have a lot of these because you regularly ride the bus to work, pop them in your recycling box or maybe you have some in your memory box that you feel ready to let go of- if so clear some room for other special items you want to cherish instead.    
  17. Anything you no longer use: Pick an area of your home, if tackling the whole thing seems too daunting and take out anything that you don’t use anymore. Sell what you can, pass on or recycle anything you can’t and enjoy the space that not having the items anymore brings! 

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Hair products: Whether you are curly haired, have straight locks or fine strands, you will probably have one too many hair products. Most women try a few brands before they settle on one they love, so if you have some spares, give them away or clean them out and recycle the bottles or tubs they came in...

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