Today is National Old Stuff Day, a 24 hours period for an out with the old mentality, but not necessarily in with the new if you are following a minimalist lifestyle. If you are aspiring to live more simply, you will probably have more old stuff to get rid of, so if you’re struggling in your journey here are some suggestions on where to begin.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Old emails: If your inbox would make a minimalist recoil in horror, this could be the best place to start. If you don’t need to keep it for future reference it’s time to make that delete button do some work and be sure to unsubscribe from anything that you no longer want to receive emails from in the future to save you having to do this all over again. 

Old messages: If you are someone who never deletes their text, Wattsapp or Facebook messages, these should be next on your list. Like your inbox for your emails, it’s satisfying to see a clean messaging inbox too, then every time you get a new message, unless it’s important, get into the habit of deleting it right away.  

Old clothes: Clothing that is no longer appropriate to you such as maternity clothes, items for abandoned hobbies or pieces you wore to a job you no longer work at are just a few examples- but if it doesn’t fit, isn’t in great condition or no longer applies to the person you are now- they can all go up for sale on a second hand site or to be recycled at your local centre. 

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Old technology: Perhaps you still have a walkman, a phone that no longer turns on or a video player- if so, and you haven’t used them in years or they don’t work anymore- it’s time to let go. They are taking up valuable space in your home so it’s costing you money to store them because you pay rent or a mortgage on every square inch of your house. 

Old keys: Try them in every lock in your home and if you can’t find a place for them to secure, they need to be recycled with any other pieces of metal you may have lying around. To help make this process easier in future, be sure to label up all your keys so you know exactly where each one is meant for. 

Old paperwork: If you still have papers for a house you no longer live in, a car you don’t drive anymore or statements for an account you closed years ago- now is probably a good time to purge these from your space. If you are worried about any repercussions, you could always scan them and store the most important ones digitally, but as for the paper copies- there is no time like the present. 

Old equipment: Maybe you have DIY tools that you will never need again or you’re storing old hobby equipment for a pastime you haven’t done in years. If this sounds like you, see what you can sell to a person who will use these things and will get some enjoyment from, while you spend the money on something you actually want to do or have.  

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