If you’re progressing steadily with the 30 Day Minimalism Game created by The Minimalists or you simply want to be able to breathe a sigh of relief in an organised space again, we have your back. Each day this month we have come up with some areas you might want to focus on as part of your journey, so today here is another nineteen! 

Credit: Arno Burgi/DPA/PA Images

Credit: Arno Burgi/DPA/PA Images

  1. Anything to ‘help’ your back: If you have a bad back and you have bought pillows, gadgets and remedies over the years and none of them have worked, it might be time to declutter all of these and seek out a new approach, because clearly none of these are the answer to your physical health. 
  2. Yard equipment: Perhaps you have an outdoor furniture you never sit at, equipment to keep it tidy but you’ve recently hired someone to keep it neat and tidy, or it’s possible you have a stack of plant pots you’ve been meaning to fill but you’re not that green fingered. Whatever is clogging up your yard space, clear it out. 
  3. Backyard detritus: If your backyard is a catch all for garden waste, it might be wise to clear some of this away. If leaves collect in one corner of your yard when it’s windy, sweep them up and pop them in your green bin or take them to your local refuse centre. Remove any moss that has grown between the flags and cut down any greenery that is encroaching on your side. 
  4. Certificates: Some certificates you need to keep such as those from your academic achievements, however some may have been acquired when you were doing fun things like segwaying or diving with sharks. While it’s great to remember these memories, why not digitise the physical copies so you can preserve the day without the extra baggage?
  5. Chocolate: Perhaps you have some leftover chocolate from Christmas that has gone off- make way for the Easter haul and get rid of it. Or perhaps you got some chocolate for a gift and you are lactose intolerant- if so, donate this to a food bank or give it away to a friend or family member. 
  6. Anything you’ve tried and hated: This could be a new hobby, a kitchen gadget or a beauty product that you bought with high hopes and it simply didn’t work for you. 
  7. Letting paperwork: If you are now a homeowner and you are long out of rented accommodation, it might be time to shred all of your paperwork associated with this time in your life. If they haven’t chased you with a rogue bill yet, chances are they never will. 
  8. Return anything back to the rightful owner: Maybe you have some books to return to the library, clothes with tags on to take back to the store or perhaps you have borrowed something from a friend or family member and need to give it back to them because you’ve had it way too long. Whatever needs to go home, make sure it gets there. 
  9. Car paperwork: If you still have paperwork for a car you no longer own, it can go now. You only need papers for the one that is sitting on your drive. 
  10. Car mess: Most cars tend to become a bit of a dumping ground if you are not careful, so say adios to any rubbish, and put anything that doesn’t belong in your vehicle back in it’s rightful home. 
  11. Nursing equipment: If you are someone who has been a carer for a family member and they no longer need the items they once relied on or they have sadly passed away, call who you need to to get this stuff picked up so it’s no longer in your space, reminding you of another time. 
  12. Anything that no longer makes you laugh: This could be a DVD of a comedian that you no longer find funny, or a game that hasn’t held its appeal all these years later. If it doesn’t make you smile anymore- it needs to exit your space. 
  13. Medicines: Take a look in your first aid box and see if there is anything that is out of date or no longer required by any member of your family. Your medicine box should be one of the areas you keep a close eye on as it can be easy to take something that has lost its potency if you don’t keep on top of it. 
  14. Anything that is kept in an overflowing drawer or cupboard: Many of us have those spaces that are so crowded we struggle to close the cupboard door or drawer. If you have an area like this in your home- make it your focus to clear it out so that stuff won’t fall on you every time you go there.  
  15. Nurse’s outfits: Perhaps your children dressed up as a nurse one Halloween when they were little and they have grown out of the outfit or maybe you once dressed as a nurse for a fancy dress party and you want to go as something different next time. If so, donate these or see if anyone will take them away from you on a second hand site. 
  16. Anything that is overdue: Perhaps you have some forms to fill in for your children’s education, to send back to your medical provider or maybe you have been meaning to post something but it’s been sitting next to your front door and has never left the building. If so, complete all these admin tasks as it gets more papers out of your home. 
  17. Anyone you’ve had a falling out with: It may sound harsh to ‘declutter’ someone from your life, however if whatever happened between you is irreparable, you may simply need to walk away from this relationship. Invest your time and efforts in people who you have more of an affinity with. 
  18.  Anything that disgusts you: This may sound like an odd suggestion, but think about the things that really fill you with horror in your home. Is it the rotting vegetable box in the fridge or the leaking bottles of product in your bathroom cabinet? Things you find revolting but you still haven’t gotten around to sorting yet- today is the day! 
  19. Anything that is holding you back from reaching your goals: If you want to eat healthier, give your junk food away, if your dream is to write that book, declutter a streaming service or two to avoid distractions, if what you crave is more time with your kids reduce the amount of TVs in your home. Whatever you feel is keeping you from being the person you want to be- declutter it! 

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Skewers: You may use them religiously every week- or if you are like me, you bought them thinking they would be a good idea for a meal, but really they only come in handy for getting things out of really narrow spaces. If you don’t eat skewered foods for your meals EVER, it’s time they went..

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