Whether you are currently doing the 30 Day Minimalism Game (see below video for details) or your space feelings a little overwhelming, we are here each day to guide you through the things you could get rid of during each 24 hour period- because it all begins again tomorrow! Here are our top suggestions today:

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Dolls: As it’s National Barbie Day, we thought we would focus on any old dolls you might have lying around from your childhood that you no longer play with. Perhaps you have a daughter or a niece that would get some pleasure out of playing with these toys and if not- why not donate them to your local charity so that someone else can get some enjoyment out of them? It’s possible you have a collection of dolls that you no longer enjoy looking at or maintaining- if so, could you sell these and make some money to spend on things you actually want to do or have?  

Meat: Take a look in your freezer- is there any meat that has been in there for so long that it is freezer burned? If you still haven’t reached for this, defrosted it and cooked it into a dish, chances are you never will, so let it go. 

Balls: This could be an old football or basketball from an abandoned hobby, balls from a ball pit that your child no longer plays with or anything else that is ball shaped for that matter- balls of yarn, Christmas balls you missed in your festive declutter or even marbles. You are bound to find something ball shaped if you look hard enough! 

Branded items: Perhaps you are an influencer or journalist and get sent lots of things to review or maybe you still have some branded freebies from a supermarket giveaway or festival. However you have come to accrue these items doesn’t really matter, but if you don’t want to be a human advertisement for these companies, it’s time to purge these pieces from your world. 

Beach collections: If you are a sucker for picking up shells, stones or other beach knick-knacks when you go on holiday but your collection has become a little too large, it might be wise to reduce this down to just the pieces that really matter. If you can’t remember which beach gifted you what, they really aren’t doing their job of being a meaningful decorative item in your home- they are merely taking up space. 

Nine items: This may sound a little strange, but stay with me. Perhaps you still have the number nine sign from a house you used to live at that you took for nostalgia but you actually have many bad memories from when you lived there, or maybe you have a DVD of the movie Nine, The Nines or Nine To Five and never watch them. Do you have a copy of the book Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty and you read it, enjoyed it but have no intention of reading it again? If so, pass on these pieces to a new home and minimise the nines in your life. 

Old tins: Move onto your kitchen and take a look in your can cupboard. There are bound to be a few tins in there that you bought on a whim- perhaps during lockdown in a panic shop or because you wanted to make a new recipe for your family but have never got around to it. Things like crabmeat, water chestnuts and coconut milk are the usual offenders in such a category. Now is the time to get these out of your home so they still have some time left on them to be able to donate to your local food bank. 

Anything you are well and truly over: By this I mean, items that sparked joy momentarily but the novelty faded quickly. This could be a hobby that never really got started, a book you couldn’t get into or a piece of decor that you’ve come to hate. You are over these items- the thought of them once excited you- but the reality is you’re not bothered about them anymore. Anything you feel so uninspired by needs to leave you space ASAP so you can surround yourself with things that make you happy.

And finally…

Old BBQ equipment: Perhaps you did a lot of BBQs during lockdown and your grill is looking a little worse for wear now, or maybe you left yours out over the winter months and it’s rusted and no longer fit for purpose. You might have one too many BBQ utensils because people bought you new sets for Christmas- in which case pare these down to just the ones you need and invest in a new BBQ to set you up for the summer ahead! 

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Take a look on your bookshelf or at the pile of books by your bed and be honest with yourself. Which of them do you actually want to read? Just because you were passed on a book by someone because they loved it doesn’t mean you will too. Which books do you always dodge when you reach for a new one? Chances are you will read this if it’s never been your first choice. Maybe you have a book you got part of the way through but it didn’t float your boat- in which case all of these need to go to someone else or to charity. Remember to take a glance on the bookshelves of your children too- there might be some to purge from these areas. If your kids are a little older, ask them if they have any they would like to part with… to read more click HERE

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