This year is trickier than normal as a lot of minimalist gifts involve experiences, however since there isn’t the option of going to a restaurant, the cinema or the theatre for instance, we’ve had to think of things to do in the home. So, if you are looking to celebrate a little more simply this year or your partner is a minimalist already, here are a few suggestions that don’t involve permanently introducing new things into your home.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

A streaming voucher: If you are planning to have a movie night on Valentine’s Day eve, why not get them a Netflix, Now TV or Amazon Prime voucher (to name a few) so you can snuggle up and enjoy that show or film you’ve been looking forward to for ages? It’s a gift you can both enjoy and who knows you might find other things you’d like to watch on there and extend your subscription so you can enjoy more nights together on the sofa. 

A box of chocolates: Most people value a box of chocolates, even if your partner has an intolerance, you can still get something in a Valentine’s Day design that is gluten or dairy free. so if you have finally got through your Christmas stash, they may be missing a sweet treat at the end of the day. This might be one to avoid if your partner is on a diet however if this is the case, a small luxury selection might not send them spiralling out of control. Judge it accordingly!

Flowers: Flowers are beautiful and can be displayed and enjoyed for a while, but they have an expiry date, meaning they won’t linger in your home for too long, which is ideal for the minimalist in your life. Choose a bunch of your partner’s favourites or or something a bit different that you still know they will love. 

Something from their wishlist: If they aren’t too precious about surprises, ask them what’s on their personal wishlist and buy something from there. The likelihood is they would much rather have something they’ve asked for than a surprise that they haven’t. Even minimalists have things they need to replace or items they have considered and would like to bring into their space so ask the question and fulfil their wish! 

A bottle of their favourite drink: If they are partial to a tipple, a bottle of something alcoholic might be just the ticket, especially if they are running low on their current bottle. On the other hand if they are a bit of a collector of unusual brands of alcohol try and find them something that they don’t already have in their collection. Better still if you enjoy the same drink as you can share a cheeky glass on the evening of Valentine’s Day with your meal. 

A hamper: If your budget will stretch, you could buy all of their favourite foods and drink, put them in a big recyclable box and wrap it up in suitable paper. They may not appreciate a basket as this requires space once it’s empty but a box can be collapsed and sent to the recycling bin. If you only pick the things you know they love and eat regularly, they won’t end up sitting in your cupboards for months on end. 

A reading subscription/voucher: If your partner is an avid reader and they are running out of credit for their Kindle, a voucher towards their next few books will be much appreciated. Similarly, if they have mentioned a magazine they quite fancy reading but don’t want to bring the physical copy into the house, buy them a digital magazine subscription instead then they can read until their heart’s content without the clutter of paper on the coffee table.

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Go for a romantic walk: Pick somewhere local where you have never been before, wrap up warm and take a stroll hand in hand. Talk about your relationship and what plans you have for the future to make it very focused on the pair of you. You might not have the opportunity to do this on other occasions so use the time wisely. You could even take a picnic to eat in the outdoors if you know that there will be tables to stop at on your way around... to read more click HERE 

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