If you are a minimalist or trying to live more simply you might still want to get a little gift for the people you are close to this Easter. Similarly, your family may want to get you a small token for the day. If you are expecting some gift exchanges- here are some ideas that won’t clutter up anyone’s space and a few that everyone can enjoy. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

  1. Chocolate eggs: They are a classic choice for a reason- most people like chocolate and for those who can't eat dairy, there are always gluten and dairy free alternatives so everyone can indulge. They can be used as part of an egg hunt or simply cracked open and enjoyed as a snack. Chocolate never lasts long in my household so it’s likely it won’t in your either! 
  2. Hot cross buns: You could make your own or pop to the shops and grab some already made. The market has really opened up and now you can get chocolate chips, salted caramel, apple and cinnamon flavours and many more if you want something less traditional. Accompany this with a couple of spreads and who could refuse this gift? Perhaps you would prefer these instead of an egg- if so speak up and put your orders in now! 
  3. Easter lunch: Why not give the gift of making everyone a Sunday dinner? You could roast a leg of lamb if you are hosting meat eaters or choose a nut roast or lamb alternative if your guests are vegetarian. The time and effort you will put into preparing a meal for everyone far outweighs any other gift you could give. If someone has kindly offered to make you dinner and buy you a gift- suggest to them that the food is more than enough.  
  4. Host an Easter egg hunt: Rather than simply giving the recipient an Easter egg as their gift- make them work for it and hide it for them to find! It provides a fun activity for the day and people will appreciate their gifts far more if they have to seek them out first. If you have been invited to someone’s house for Easter, take a sack of smaller eggs with you and suggest that you hide them around their house/garden for everyone to find. 
  5. An Easter book for a Kindle: If you are buying for a little one and they have a Kindle- why not get them a digital copy of an Easter book rather than the physical one? This will save space on their bookshelf while giving them something topical to read. Similarly if someone wants to spend a set amount on you and you’d rather read than eating something- suggest this as an alternative gift. 
  6. Homemade treats: Check out some recipes online and see what you can make from the ingredients in your cupboards to give as a gift. Some cookies, a cake or muffins will go down a treat with anyone who has a sweet tooth but who fancies something other than chocolate! If someone would rather make than buy for you- ask for their signature dish! 
  7. Flowers: Flowers are the perfect Easter gift for the budding minimalist as they won’t be around forever, but brighten up the home while they are in bloom. A bunch of daffodils are the natural choice, however anything brightly coloured is suitably fitting for the day.

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Each holiday in the calendar is becoming more and more commercialised, especially since lockdown with people wanting to make the most of the smaller celebrations throughout the year. Pinterest and shopping sites are awash with personalised Easter baskets, bunting, candles, books, games, clothes and more. It’s tempting to get swept up in it all and part with your cash but if you want to follow a more minimalist path this Easter here are some things you can do that don’t involve bringing a whole new raft of items into your home...

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