While you may be tempted to get swept up in having specific decorations for every celebration that comes along in the calendar, there really is no need. If you want to adopt a more minimal collection of home decor- try to use a less tailored approach by having things that can be used for multiple occasions. Here are just a few suggestions so your storage space isn’t taken over with decor: 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

  1. A happy birthday banner/bunting: Rather than buying banners for everyone’s birthday that have a specific colour or number on them- just opt for a fabric banner that simply says ‘happy birthday’ and that way you can put this out for everyone’s birthday in your household or even if you host a party for someone else in your extended family or friendship circle. Choose unisex colours so that you can use it for a male or female’s birthday and you will save yourself some money each year. If you want to make it even more minimal get one that simply says ‘celebrate’ and this can be used for anniversaries, Easter and graduations too! 
  2. Candles: Candle companies release scents that are ideal for each occasion- chocolate for Easter, cinnamon for Christmas and champagne for New Year for example- but rather than having one candle to suit every celebration why not just choose a scent you really like in a colour that matches your all year round decor? Take off any seasonal stickers that would place it at a certain time in the calendar and that way you can burn it every day whether you are celebrating or not! 
  3. Reusable straws: If you host a lot of parties or get togethers and get through many straws each time people enjoy drinks at your home, why not invest in some reusable stainless steel straws instead? That way you can simply wash them between uses and you don’t have to throw any away in the recycling afterwards! While they may not seem like an obvious piece of decor, they do make drinks look rather attractive, especially with ice and a slice so why not include them?!
  4. Cake: A cake is the most minimal of all decorations as it will be gone by the time the party’s over and if not, you can dish it out as people leave. It has the potential to be a really impressive centrepiece too so focus on edible decorations to brighten up any space and you won’t go far wrong! Plus cake is fitting for any celebration so you have a guaranteed decoration every time. 
  5. Fairy lights: Fairy lights are so universal, you can put them up at Christmas, birthdays, Easter or anniversaries and they won’t look out of place. If you tend to entertain out in your garden, you can buy fairy lights suitable for the outdoors or simply hang them up about your home to encourage some twinkly cheer! They are fairly inexpensive too so you won’t break the bank by adding them to your box of decor. 
  6. Flowers: Like cake, flowers are decorations that don’t stick around for long, but look like you’ve made a huge effort when you are tight on time. Choose colours to complement the season and they will make any space stand out. If you struggle for ideas- just ask your local florist for some guidance and they will point you in the right direction and do all the work for you! 
  7. Balloons: Balloons always look the part and are cheap if you buy them in bulk rather than individual foil ones with tailored messages on them. All you need is a can of helium and a bumper pack of different colours and you have the whole year sorted for you! Kids love balloons whatever colour they are, so they will always be a hit at children’s parties and are easy to dispose of afterwards. 

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