Repetition may sound boring- who wants to do the same thing over and over again right? With that said, applying repetitive acts can help you to live a more minimalist lifestyle, here are just a few things you might want to do perpetually to achieve simplicity...

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Repeat small tasks: Doing a load of laundry every day, hoovering before bed, loading the dishwasher as you acquire dirty pots, wiping down surfaces- these are all small yet effective ways to keep your home in order and maintain a minimalist aesthetic. All of them are also quick wins, so done little and often, won’t feel like such a burden. 

Repeat decluttering: Even minimalists have to constantly declutter their home after the initial purge. Have a central location for anything you spy that doesn’t belong in your world anymore. By placing these items in this designated area of your home it will prevent you from having to endure mass decluttering sessions in spring or before the festive season because once the box is full- you can take it to the donation centre so the hoard doesn’t mount up. 

Repeat recycling: This could refer to something as small as an envelope to larger items such as textiles or technical equipment. Keep the flow of things coming and and out of your home constant- if you don’t- this is when things start to mount up. So recycle anything that can be put in your usual home recycling bin and take anything to the tip that is too big or not suitable for your regular pickup. 

Repeat selling items: If you have items that are too good to trash, list them on eBay or Facebook Marketplace or another similar site and try to get some money back from the original purchase. This will save you the time and effort of having to dispose of it yourself and will generate a bit of income for you too. 

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Repeat the action of unsubscribing to emails: Even after a mass unsubscribing session, there are still a few stragglers that manage to find their way back into your inbox. Rather than simply deleting these, keep up with the unsubscribing mentality to save you having to undertake another email purification. 

Repeat the action of unfollowing people on social media: As soon as you identify that a person or brand isn’t right for you anymore- unfollow them on all platforms. Don’t invite negativity into your life by following the wrong people and companies. This is an ongoing process that will become easier the more you do it- but you will notice how much better you feel with each click of the ‘unfollow’ button.  

Repeat experiences: However small, experiences are what makes life shine and what creates lasting memories. From something as simple as having a coffee with a friend to going on the holiday of a lifetime, keep making plans and spend your money on doing rather than accruing and your life will feel much more fulfilled.

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Unfollow companies you’ve had bad experiences with in the past: Perhaps the quality of the products dramatically reduced, maybe they gave you terrible customer service when you had a problem with something you ordered from them or maybe you’ve done some research on their processes and they don’t follow the practices you think are important. If so, they don’t deserve a space in your feed... 

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