Whether you are keen to get to the end of the 30 Day Minimalism Game or you just want to have more control over your space, we are here to help you out each day of the month with some decluttering inspiration. So today we have come up with eighteen things you might like to get rid of…

Credit: Romy Arroyo Fernandez/NurPhoto/PA Images

Credit: Romy Arroyo Fernandez/NurPhoto/PA Images

  1. Skewers: You may use them religiously every week- or if you are like me, you bought them thinking they would be a good idea for a meal, but really they only come in handy for getting things out of really narrow spaces. If you don’t eat skewered foods for your meals EVER, it’s time they went. 
  2. Snooker table and cues: This is something everyone thinks they need in their games room but often rarely gets used, so if yours is more of a dumping ground than a means of helping you to unwind- why not sell it and enjoy the space instead?
  3. Anything that makes you look sloppy: There is loungewear and there is sloppy wear and no one wants to look like the latter. If you have any clothes that are hanging off you because they are so old and worn, you need to invest in something that makes you feel comfortable and casual but also confident. 
  4. Scissors: Scissors are something no one wants to find themselves without- especially when they buy new scissors, however this fear of having none at all can lead to many people hoarding more pairs than they need- if this is you- you must part with some of them and keep just one or two. You can do it!
  5. Soup: Check your can cupboard for any tins of soup that don’t inspire you to eat them. Perhaps you had one too many cream of tomato in lockdown and simply can’t face another- if so, there will be plenty of people visiting food banks who will be glad to take these off your hands. 
  6. Sacks: Sacks are like carrier bags, they can multiply when you are not watching so if you have any lying around your garage or shed that you haven’t used for anything in the last year- part ways now! 
  7. Anything that you want to sell but haven’t listed yet: If you have earmarked some items to sell on second hand sites, there is no time like the present! Get them out of your way ASAP. 
  8. Coffee: Perhaps you buy a fancy coffee at Christmas but never finish it because you only drink the good stuff in December or maybe you just aren’t that enamoured with the new coffee you bought. If so, pass it onto a friend or family member and let them get high on the caffeine. 
  9. Armbands: An unusual one- granted, but if you have little ones that haven’t been swimming in a year, they are bound to have grown out of their armbands and you may need to invest in some more. Or if they don’t need them anymore, you can say goodbye to armbands for good! 
  10. Anything that has gone hard: Again, not your run of the mill suggestion but we all have that block of cheese in the fridge that is hard as a rock or some cream that is so far past its use by date that it has transformed into a block. If so, say adios!
  11. Anything that slows you down: This could be an antiquated laptop or a phone that is so old it can’t be updated anymore. While this may require you to buy a replacement, your life will be a lot easier once you say goodbye to these items that are more aggravating than useful. 
  12. Ice cube trays: Perhaps you had fantasies about serving drinks in the summer with ice in them but always forget about the key component- the ice. If you can manage to drink a beverage without the aid of these little blocks of frozen water- make room in your freezer for something else.  
  13. Anything that makes you feel awkward: This most likely lies in your wardrobe because we all have that piece of clothing that we want to love but we just don’t feel ourselves in. In which case, declutter it and have only things in your wardrobe that make you feel authentic. 
  14. Arm exercisers: If you are someone who hates the look of their arms and has bought many gadgets over the years to get rid of your bingo wings but none of them have worked for you- it’s time to let go and move on. 
  15. Anything to help you sleep: Whether that is an app that didn’t work, a pillow that made you feel uncomfortable or a herbal remedy that had no effect- if it was a waste of time and money- it doesn’t belong in your space. 
  16. CDs: If you still have these in your home but you have replaced all your music needs with a streaming service or simply don’t like the band anymore, why not take these to your local charity shop once they reopen? 
  17. Eighteenth birthday memorabilia: If you kept everything to mark your day, now some time has passed you may be willing to whittle this down to a more manageable amount. Perhaps you could scan all your cards and pictures so you have them digitally but not in their physical form or maybe you have a few key items that mean more to you than the rest.
  18. Easel: It's possible you once had aspirations to do art, or maybe your kids had a passion for painting when they were younger but no longer do. If you have an easel lying around that isn’t being used, pop it online to sell and enjoy your other hobbies instead and encourage your kids to as well.  


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Honey: Honey doesn’t have an expiry, however it’s much better in the cupboard of someone who is going to use it so give it to a friend or family member who pops it on their porridge in the morning or drizzles it on their parsnips on a Sunday...

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