While a lockdown this close to Christmas may seem like the end of the world, there are some positives- one being that you have some extra time to do some festive decluttering. Here are just a few things you can focus on during the month of November to make December more streamlined. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Christmas cards: If you have some left over from last year or indeed from years ago, it might be time to wave goodbye to these as you put them in the recycling bin. There is a reason they are still hanging around- probably because they are too small or you don’t like the design or maybe you are afraid to send the same card out to someone again. If this is the case, then start with a clean sweep and get rid of any stragglers. 

Wrapping stuff: If you still have a few pieces left over from last year- they are probably past their best if they got damp or ripped as you were putting them away last year. While you are on- any squashed bows, torn tags and ratty ribbon can go too. No one likes a sad looking present. 

Christmas decorations: Take everything out of their boxes and examine each piece one by one. Is there something you didn’t put out last year because it’s no longer your style? Are any of the decorations damaged or did you put something out but every time you looked at it, you wish you hadn’t? Tastes can change and something you had to have one year may be an item you now loathe. Remove anything that you no longer want and put it to one side for the charity shop once they reopen. 

Christmas clothing and accessories: If you are someone who has a large collection of Christmas sweaters, Christmas day wear or silly hats and jewellery- perhaps you need to take a look at your hoard. There are bound to be some pieces that no longer fit you, that are worn out or lost their shine. Use lockdown as an opportunity to pare down your Christmas wear to what you enjoy putting on your body and what makes you feel good over the festive period. As this year has been a little different and you probably won’t be going to as many Christmas parties this December- perhaps leave your little black dresses and sparkly outfits for next year.  

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Christmas crockery: If you have a specific set of tableware for Christmas, why not give this an edit too? It’s likely that something got chipped last year or you’ve fallen out of love with a decorative piece that no longer makes you smile. If you do, put these to one side along with the rest of your donation items and keep only what you feel proud to put out on show. 

Christmas bedding: If you love Christmas so much that the decor extends to your bedrooms- there are likely to be some linens that you need to cast your eye over too. Which ones bring you joy when you walk into the room and see them on your bed? And which ones are threadbare or  lack cheer? These are the ones that need to vacate the property. 

Christmas books: If you have a set of books that you bring out every year for your little ones (I like to read my daughter a book a night from the beginning of December for instance) you may find one or two that are no longer age appropriate or damaged. Consider how many books you have bought or plan to buy your child/children for this Christmas and get rid of the same amount that you are adding to their collection on Christmas day. This one in- one out rule will ensure you aren’t overrun with books both old and new. 

Christmas can creep into many a different category, so if you have another such as outdoor lighting and decorations or stuffed animals for instance- dedicate some of your time and energy to these too- you will thank yourself when you come to wrap presents, write cards and put out all your decorations. 

Happy Christmas to all the minimalists out there! 

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