If you’ve both decided to save a few pennies this year and do away with gifts and cards for Valentine’s Day, here are some free options that are suitably romantic without the price tag. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Cook a meal: This suggestion is as old as the hills, but when you take the time out to make something for your partner (especially if they are the main cook in the house) they will be truly grateful for the night off and for the time invested on your part. You could cook their favourite meal or try a new dish to impress them with your culinary skills. 

A spa day: While all the spas are closed right now, there’s nothing to say you can’t recreate this experience at home. Spend all day in your robes, give your partner a massage, cut up fruit to nibble on and have some chilled water to hand at all times. Wear face masks, paint toes, take a relaxing bath with each other by candlelight and remember to put together a playlist before the big day of relaxing tunes to put on in the background. 

Take a romantic walk: Perhaps you have a favourite spot as a couple? Or maybe you have been saying to each other you will visit a new place and you have yet to go? Well Valentine’s Day is the day to make those promises come true. Hold hands, have a cheeky kiss when you stop to admire the view and show each other some appreciation with words of encouragement and love. 

Breakfast in bed: Start the day the best way with a hearty breakfast in bed. If your partner is more of a morning person, they will really appreciate the gesture, even more so if it’s their favourite breakfast that they only eat when you go to a hotel or on holiday. It will feel like a real treat and all from the comfort of your bed! What could be more relaxing?

The gift of decluttering: If your partner has been nagging at you for ages to clear out your clutter, they will probably like nothing more than to spend the day helping you to purge your stuff. This could go either way so pose the scenario beforehand to make sure they take it in the way it’s intended. 

A love letter: If they are really opposed to paper clutter, you can always send them a love email or save your letter in a digital format so they always have a copy on file. This is probably the most heartfelt gift of them all because it requires you to dig deep and perhaps say things you’ve never said to your partner before and to put into words just how much they mean to you. This can be difficult if you’re not a wordsmith but they will be overjoyed with the sentiment all the same. 

A day of rest: If your partner has been working flat out, while taking care of the house and looking after the kids and/or pets- let them take the day off. Allow them to spend it as they please and your gift can be to take over their usual tasks. This is perfect if you are someone who isn’t really into Valentine’s Day but your partner is. If it means very little to you, then let your partner enjoy all the little pleasures they enjoy whether that’s time for reading, sleeping, resting, pursuing a hobby or pampering- to name a few.

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