If you are not careful, your baby’s room can become overrun with stuff due to all the things you buy, all the stuff other people gift for your baby and all the things you think they need but don’t. Here’s seven things you can get rid of now:



Clothes that no longer fit them: Anything that is too small for them can go straight away. Your baby is never going to fit in them again, so better out than in and make way for the next size up.

Things you aren’t using: Once your baby is a few weeks old- you know what you use and what you don’t. Or perhaps you learned that something didn’t work as well as you needed it to. For instance- maybe you didn’t like a certain brand of nappy you bought- in which case give them to a local children’s centre or to a friend with a baby. If you aren’t using your baby bath in favour of a bath seat- donate it to someone who prefers to wash their baby in a bath.

Toys they no longer play with (or never did)- If you bought them a toy or were gifted one that they have never played with or have lost interest in- now is the time to reduce your baby’s toys own to just the ones they get pleasure from.

Duplicates: Perhaps your baby has too many blankets, an excess of rattles or more sleepsuits that they could ever wear before they’re into the next size up. If this is the case- find someone who will be able to use these now rather than them sitting in a drawer in your baby’s room.

Anything that is damaged beyond repair: Babies are notorious for staining clothes, bibs and bedsheets and no matter how hard you try- you can’t get the stains out. If you have anything like this- cut up the material and use it for rags or donate it to a clothes-for-cash organisation.

Consumables: Anything that doesn’t suit your baby’s skin like a wash or lotion can go to someone else too. If they aren’t right for your baby- they will be for another so give them away to friends or family or donate them to your local children’s centre.

Gimmicks: It’s likely, that somewhere down the line you were gifted or purchased an item that was supposed to make your life as a parent easier but did nothing of the sort. You weren’t the first or the last parent to be sucked into buying useless gadgets that promise to make your baby sleep through the night.

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